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BEVERLY HILLS< MORNING: Elderly jogging, walking in park, guy who empties parking meters walks along w/ his little cart thing, woman jogging through Beverly Hills, hi <'s Rodeo Drive Tiffany's; hi < men shine Tiffany's doors, hi < Rodeo Drive, pan to mall terrace;hi < garbage truck on Rodeo Drive; CU "BH" scrollwork; man places merchandise in Cartier window, Asian woman walking on Rodeo Dr.; z-i Van Cleef window; vs est. shots Beverly Hills Post Office ext.; z-I Beverly Hills Municipal Court; z-I Bev. Hills Post Office; CU city limit sign, vs street cleaning vehicle down residential street; ws storybook cottage (hobbit house), vs man w/ leafblower; classic Mexican gardner mowing lawn; garbage collected in service alley; hi < T/L Beverly Hills night-day, T/L pan Bev Hills/Los Angeles nx (x2 nice-unusual), vs t/l nite-day views Beverly Hills; hi< Beverly hills w/ many trees; hi < day traffic (slightly undercranked); vs <'s classic Beverly Hills sign; man hosing off sidewalk, man opens gates in store (Beau Brummel), lowers sun awning, milkman delivering milk, firetruck (z-I to "Beverly Hills"; CU z-I Peninsula Hotel sign; men cleaning brass at Van Cleef & Arpels; hotel entry ext. - Beverly Hilton, CU sign; Los Angeles/BH office buildings dusk- nice (magic hour), outdoor cafe setting up- putting up umbrellas; newspaper delivered to newsstand (LA style one). Nice RT orange sunset cityscape, z-I to Beverly Hills Library/Court building, vs <'s; nice z-I establishing shot of generic mirrored office building x2; vs hi < Beverly Hills streets-dusk/magic hour; yuppie guy opens trunk of his BMW; ext hotel entry (Beverly Hills Hotel?) lo < WS Wilshire Blvd. w/ traffic; Nice lo < pan palm trees;, joggers, gardeners, tree pruners, gates of Bel Air mansion open, Bel-Air Police car, elderly walking, flowershop opening, woman puts out flowers, bikes, walking dog, fancy cars, girl and dog in upscale white convertible, kids going to school, Palm silhouettes at sunset, side POV driving Beverly Hills, tracking shot Rolls Royce, mansions, stores, paperboy, Rolls Royce, Gates of mansion open and close, Rolls in and out, CU grill to camera, CU paper on sidewalk, man with Star Maps for sale, Park with sunbather, kids playing ball, accident scene with Police and firetruck