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Video - Underwater fish, POV thru rock crevice w/seafans/gorgonians; large school of small fish; pair of black angelfish; diver feeds dolphin; cu live coral polyps; diver shines black light @brain coral, switches light to show bioluminescence; POV along wreck railing; school of yellowtail-ish fish past divers; large shark (tiger shark?) by; POV by coral heads with seafans; screen filled with tiny fish school; staghorn coral; trio of white jellyfish; tiny cuttlefish; CU sponge crab (wears cap of sponge on its back); purple & yellow wrasse; ECU plumes of plumeworm; ZI to classic anemone; transparent shrimp; ECU spotted moray eel eyeing shrimp; brief ZO from eye of grouper; little fish bobbing in its hole (builds little wall of rocks around it); large shark at camera, by; fish school in wreck, school through crevice in rock; porgy (?) in wreck; small school of squirrel fish inside wreck; pair of butterfly fish swim by; CU minnows w/live coral; striped butterfly fish; brief shot of pair or puffers (deflated); brittle starfish(x2); plumeworm unfurls; dolphins peeks above surface, face in camera below, swim away; ECU coral branch/gorgonian; ZO live coral patch; octopus goes by; diver harasses puffer fish; huge grouper sequence, follows, eats lobster offered by diver. MORE--