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POV through clouds, sunset through clouds like MF, Sydney Opera House, Australia, Shark and diver, Dusk airplane on ground, Dusk air to air, dusk take off, aerial desert with semi tractor trailer down road, sunset on beach, red sportscar down road (letterbox), freight train, silhouette couple on beach at sunset, boats in harbor at sunset, news footage of hurricanes and tornados - b/w, POV through windshield, various flooding from b/w archival films, VIDEO Zurich aerial, Los Angeles buildings low angle, side POV buildings, office buildings, Bonaventure Hotel, window washers, San Francisco, POV, shipyards, CU Cactus, WESCAM aerials through Grand Canyons l3:l3 - l3:18, l3:l6 - looks like aerials of a forest, deer, Pans of Grand Canyon, int. of Gorges - Sandstone Natural crevass, looks like CAM-01, beautiful rock formations, Monument Valley with filter, wind arch in Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon l3:23, slo mo stream, deer standing up to eat from a tree, water drops from overhang - cascade of water, rain backlit - l3:26, small waterfall, bluebird feeds young, rushing water past rocks, beautiful VIDEO of underwater till end of tape: tropical reef, sponges brain coral, staghorn coral, scuba divers, sunken wreck, shipwreck (good), POV's. SPECIES: parrotfish, hogfish, spanish emperor, skate, stingray, jellyfish, cowfish, flutemouth, flounder, wrasse, grouper (many, big), sea turtle, black angelfish, sea worms, french angelfish, helmet conch shell, triggerfish, squirrelfish, barracuda, crab, turkeyfish, scorpionfish, eel, hammerhead shark, cuttlefish (could pass for lone small squid), white tip reef sharks, lionfish, octopus.