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28 MIN
Station wagon passes on road, Family in car, Construction site, flagman with stop sign, Kids fight in back of car, Flagman lets car pass, Station wagon on road. Shot of turning tire, Cars pass on interstate, Complex highway overpass, Cars pass on highway, Land cleared for highway, Shots of signs, Shots of highways under construction, Houses moved on trucks, Cars pass construction site, Horses pull wagon. Pass train tracks, Animated map shows Boston Post road, Animated maps show various historical roads, Animated diagram shows network of highways. Signs, Animated diagram shows United States sign system, Map of United States shows interstate highways, Huge highway under construction, Truck stopped at gas station, trucker fills tank, Spinning gas pump digits, Sign on truck: This Truck Pays $5,315 In Road Taxes, Shots of trucks on road, Highway department building. Wonder Bread truck, Engineers draw plans for new road, Hand turns through book of aerial views of highways, Men on road survey drivers. Sign: Reduce Speed, Traffic Survey Ahead, Cars drive over counting cable, Man takes readout from box on side of road, Punch tape processed by machines, Punch cards roll through computer. Tape reels, Man at desk looks through book of maps and roads, Men load gear into small private plane, Private plane in air, Man loads photo plate into machine, Man looks through device, Man draws blueprint, Engineers study aerial photos, plan new highway, Men with truck drill core samples, Men in lab run test on core samples, Men present maps of new road at public hearing, Woman types transcript of meeting, Men at blueprints plot new road, Man walks up to house, takes notes, Man meets with couple in home, shows them blueprints, Pan past office building, Engineer goes over map of new road, Men in boardroom study maps of new road, Sealed envelopes stamped and recorded at meeting, Construction workers in field building highway, Aerial view of cleared area for new highway, Earth movers roll out at highway site, Earth movers clear way for new road, Crane swings cement tank. Cement poured, Men work on new road, Crew sets new highway bridge (early malls), Tunnel construction site, Shots of complex highways, Sign for United States Department of Transportation, Model of bridge tested in wind tunnel, Car pulls off shoulder onto highway, Car rams into bridge rail guard, Car crashes into light pole at test site, Screen in middle of highway, Man in control room, watches TV views of highway, Control panels show highways, Sign for TV Control Area, Sign for Motorist Emergency Phone, Sign: Entering TV Control Area, Motorist Paid Phone System, Woman makes call at emergency phone by roadside, Cars pass on freeways. Day, night, View of large city, Freeway passes through city (Los Angeles), Shots of freeways in big cities, Roadside shopping center, More shots of cars on road, Nice aerial shots of cloverleaf highway systems, Pan across span of Golden Gate Bridge, Deer runs across highway, More cars on road, Cars rolled onto car transport truck, Shots of complex of overpasses, Kids asleep in back of car, Pan down from sky to suburban house and street, Two girls playing hopscotch on street, Man walks by and one girl falls, Man walks into house, House sale, women dickering over price of a chair, Int. suburban house, living room, husband painting, Woman reads letter to husband, Kids roughhousing in living room, Man and wife talk in living room, Man and wife look at easel, Wife kisses husband, Men in shirt sleeves and ties around a conference table listen to a speaker in front of a blackboard, Family loading into car in driveway for a trip, Checking head and taillights, CU front and rear lights, Driving out of driveway and onto road, POV driving, Car hits another from behind, Two old women driving, Car in and out of service station, Family driving, Accident, car into truck, head on, Accident scene, day, Man picks up doll from street, Mother, daughter in front of house with "For Sale" sign in front, Women talking on street, Nurse with boy in hospital bed, Bandaged boy on hospital bed, Mother visits boy, mother cries on boy's body as he dies, Doctor and nurse rush in to examine