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30 MIN
Map of Arkansas, Long shots of valleys and mountains (from high above), Lakes, waterfalls, Girls on cliff look out to the vista, Bauxite mine (aluminum), Strip mining in action, Earth loaded onto ore cars by power shovels, man holds chunk in hand, Miners at work with heavy equipment, Ore refinery in action, bubbling cauldron (of Bauxite), Aluminum Oxide on conveyor, Jones Mills, AK, inside aluminum plant (power transformed to metal), Electric grid, Natural gas facility, Molten minerals in furnace rooms, Aluminum is made and poured, Montage of industrial plants (all kinds), Huge turbines spin, Welder at work (NICE), Sign: FIRE TOWER, VISITORS WELCOME, Pan up fire tower (forest ranger at top), looks out among timberland, forest ranger on phone, examines tree, Bow manufactured by hand, woman walks with huge bow, Bows lacquered by spray, man checks bow for quality, Woman puts arrow shafts on small scale, Women hand paint colors onto arrows, put feathers onto arrow, Archer hits bull's-eye, pretty girl puts cigarette on end of arrow, man shoots it off with pretty girl looking on, Little Rock downtown with traffic (NICE), People look around original capitol, couple look at old carriage, 1950s woman brushes hand along brick wall (funny), State capitol, LS with people walking up stairs, Outdoor concert in front of capitol, Ext. Little Rock High with band concert outside, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, people walk on campus (elaborate), Girls do modern dance outside in togas, Cars on rural highways, Farms plowed, fertilized, Crop dusting plane readied, in air, comes in and dusts crops, Vineyards, apple orchards, Pair of 1950s beauties smell peach orchards, Watermelon farmers at work, melons weighed at 140 pounds, 1950s girls pose with watermelons (funny), CU chicken, 100s of chickens on poultry farm, Cows in field, graze, CU cows (with horns) chewing, Fat hogs graze, People walk on street (feet view), shoe styles seen, Shoe factory at work, shoe pieces stamped out, sewn together, Women sew shoe together (semi-automated), shoe takes shape (how a shoe is made, NICE), CU pumps shown off (red), CU Harvard vs. Navy football ticket, Portsmouth ticket making factory, all kinds of tickets printed, Tickets off printer (strange looking machine), Girls put finishing touches on rolls of tickets, Montage of tickets (VERY NICE), all types seen, Convertible on road through rolling hills, couple stops above city of Hot Springs, look down upon city, Hot Springs National Park (resort city), Bathhouses on Central Avenue, Woman enjoys hydrotherapy (in old fashioned hot tub with two technicians at side), Group of 1950s gals enjoy water from fountain, People walk through park, Lawn in front of Grand Hotel, people on sun deck, Couple ride on horse through bridal trails, Gals sun selves along lakeside, wave to passing boat (NICE), Girl makes high dive, CU swims to shore, Lake Norfolk, Norfolk Dam with car across dam, Western Arkansas, hotel at Eureka Springs, People visit small church, Petty Jean State Park, people hike and look at vistas, Waterfall, Couple walk along idyllic glen, People fish from boat on lake, rowboats, Hunters wipe down guns, take aim and clean guns, Man cooks on open flame, turns food in pan, Boat trip down a stream, woman fishes from boat, Woman catches bass from boat, CU bass on hook, Boaters make camp at side of stream, sleep, read, cook up fish in frying pan, people arrange chairs and eat outdoors, People sit around campfire at night as man strums guitar, Abrupt end