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16 MIN
CU man with unlit cigar in mouth, Man types, CU fingers type, Various people use computer keyboards (seen again many times), Black man smiles, CU girl smiles, Page of data, Various CU's of smiling people, People work with printouts, use keyboards, Harried businessman at cluttered desk, Woman enters, shakes hands with man, CU tapes turn on processing unit, CU woman appalled, Man shows woman papers, Animation of man scared by big computer, CU woman talks, Processing unit, terminal, Printer prints, Man, woman talk at desk, Animation of CU mad computer, Man works at mainframe terminal, CU hand holds transistor, integrated circuit, Man, woman enter building, look at mainframe, CU hand puts board into computer, CU lights flash on processing unit, CU faces of people at work at keyboards, CU thoughtful man, CU printout, CU face of computer, Woman shows man open book, Hand writes on chart, ECU typewriter types, Man watches woman type, CU fingers type (seen again), CU columns of numbers, CU data register lights blink, Room full of processing units, Animation of lights blinking, Animation of star going through input, processing, memory, output, cubes fly into input, through processing, form into one big cube, processing does simple math examples, chooses z from set of b's, letter, numbers, shapes sit in memory, all fly out of output, Woman works key punch machine, CU punched card comes out, Woman hands stack of computer cards to man, CU hands flip through stack of computer cards, Woman loads cards into card reader, ECU cards go through card reader, Rows of lights go on, Man sits at terminal, looks at papers, Light on select button flashes, CU data on cathode ray tube, Paper lifts, reveals toy spider, CU hand erases numbers from sheet, Man, woman walk among processing units (seen again), CU tape spins, Nice shots of early 1980s room sized computers, Big board of lights, switches, CU hand writes numbers, CU bunches of wires, CU lights flash, Data on screens, Woman in hospital bed, monitor in background, CU data emerges from printer