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Man counts money in cash registar, hands the change to a woman/Men trade goods-rice and seeds for a knife, and a pot, introduction of the first coins/the mint makes coins/Animated sequence on how money moves throughout the world, 1920's Wall Street/puppet change purse eats pennies and spits out a quarter/vintage change machine, worker stocks an automat, people buy sandwiches from them/various shots of open, organized cash register/people deposit and withdraw money at the bank/woman demonstrates how a scale works for two boy scouts, man purchases a guitar, gets change back, stacks of newly-made money bundled and lined up, men unload money bags from truck, women load stacks of money into machine that counts and sorts it-machine detects counterfeit-money is stamped, large stacks of money is incinerated, man fills out deposit slip, hands it to teller, men rob a bank, police discuss ways to catch robbets-dye packs explode/News 12 footagej-containers for storing money at home, senior citizens play bingo, players distplay good luck charms/Sheets of confescated conterfeit U.S. money/Lottery tickets at convenient store/Luxury items-man pours fine champaigne, CU of diamondsl, yachts docked at marina, women wear jewels, Rolls Royce in show room. Helicopter views of manchons w/swimming pools, tennis courts, Trump hotels and buildings, pictures of Donald Trump, people play casino slot machines, Donald and Ivana/girls dance can-can/vintage footage of casino, pool area of nice hotel, girls push guy in, food is grilled qnd served at restaurant, chef decorates cakes and pies, scenes form Vegas shows, restaurants, city lights and fountains/Contemporary footage-jockies ride horses, hunters and hounds get ready for fox hunt, polo game, huge European castle, trainers show horses in show, soldiers at Buckinham Palace, squash game, huge wine cellars, interiors and exteriors of expensive homes, men receive 50,000 check form Disneyland, golfer wins check, Zsa Zsa Gabor signs books, Fabio poses for pictures, sailboats, canadian geese/Vintage-"The Big Payoff" show, women in mink/Animated sequence, money sign $, turns into coins, different jobs and income/Young people dicuss bugeting their money/Vintage-little boy steals money form moms purse, two men rob bank with rifles, man sees robbery form outside, shoots at car speeding away/Contemporary Ebineser Scrooge takes a tour of a bank