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In 1492
Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Caribbean, Virgin Islands, Jamaiaca, Puerto Rico, Trinidad
Color Sync- In 1492 - Tour through the Caribbean following all the lands that Columbus explored- beauty shot of sunset , rainbow, beauty shots of rolling green fields and shoreline in west indies. Views of spot where Columbus first landed, building where he supposedly secured fresh water, San Diego Gate(1510) and city off Trujillo, palace of Dominican Republic, obelisk in center of town, travel down main street, cars parked, horse pulled buggy. Plane flying in air, views of Puerto Rico skyline with hotels, gates of governor's mansion and inside the compound, flags flying, San Juan airport, views of port, various government buildings, produce seller, coffee fields in mountains, coffee berries picked picked, drying coffee fruit leaving seeds (beans), tourists disembark plane, tourist resorts showing pools, cabanas, skyline with fancy hotels, construction of new hotels, University of Puerto Rico students walking on campus. El Morro, the ancient fortress, students visiting fortress, various views of El Moro exterior. 01:16:16 - Color Sync- In 1942 - Tour through the Caribbean following all the lands that Columbus explored - Jamaica beauty shots. verdant green palms and coconut and bananas hanging from palms, various springs and rivers seen flowing down hills, various beauty shots around island. Errol Flynn bought land there - sign Errol Flynn's Rafting Beach and changing Rooms, views of people rafting down river made from bamboo rafts controlled by native men. Montego Beach with tourist sunbathing and swimming. Views of hotels and resorts with people drinking rum from coconut shells. Natives have carved fishing boats from trees and seen, men carrying banana bunches, banana boat at port, cutting down of sugar cane at harvest, young boy eating raw sugar cane, cane on wooden carts pulled by oxen to be distilled. Marketplace where local fruits and vegetables bought and sold. Queen of England arrives in Jamaica, motorcade and parade. Parades and bands marching and playing for Queen. Queen reviews the troops and waves to the people. As Elizabeth and Phillip leave to board her ship. 01:21:00 - Color Sync- In 1942 - Tour through the Caribbean following all the lands that Columbus explored - Virgin Islands - beauty shots. tourists walking along streets, tourists buying local goods, hotels and resorts, steel drum band playing calypso for tourists and hotel. Good shots of young drummers and dancers. Tourists clapping to the music. Haiti beauty shots. Statue of Columbus. Port-o Prince statues, modern design sculpture against African heritage of Haitians, main thoroughfare where natives walking , marketplace, fisherman, women carrying baskets of fruit on their heads, sugarcane, busy marketplace. Haitian dances to the beat of drums (voodoo influence) - and African influences. Eighth Wonder of the World - Citadel - stone fortress high atop a mountain built by Cristof who later liberated Haiti. Various views on Citadel and its great walls of stone. Footage of the palace at the base of the mountain. Cathedral views now turned into shrine. Remains of Christopher Columbus are kept in this shrine along with his sword. Aerials of vast monument being constructed in shape of cross to honor Columbus. Statue of Columbus.