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Police shooting water hoses on a protest crowd
Washington, D.C., Selma, Birmingham, Oxford,Alabama, Mississippi, United States
B/W 1965- cu Face on young boy, Scenes of racial strife and struggle in the form of violent riot, demonstration, and protest. Police shooting water hoses on a protest crowd, beating blacks, and - carrying them off. Police wearing helmets and riot control gear. Using German Shepherd dogs, Blacks handcuffed on way to jail; WS Racial exploitation in South Africa. Blacks working fields, demonstration for African Freedom, military training as freedom fighters; WS Meeting of KKK in robes and masks, a night Klan parade, Huge burning cross; 1965 cu Malcolm X speaks to a small informal group seated in an apartment setting. He contrasts Civil Rights with Human Rights as the focus of the future struggle and broadens the scope of the struggle as a subject for the UN. Talks about moulding socialism to fit specific needs of group. Patronizing and sexist comments about women. Attacks Christian non-violent movement as cowardly. Promotes organizing with those of African heritage in nearby countries - Cuba, Brazil etc.; WS Malcolm X speaks at rally and broadcasts remarks (WNYC} - View of the listening crowd; 1965 - CU Scene shift back to the apartment setting with remarks on black intellectualism and condition of women. View of listeners at the small gathering; WS African woman holds newspaper headline which reads, Woman Don't want Passes and native police march woman into police trucks, Mass rally of women holding sticks or clubs, Women protest under police surveillance, Women dancing and singing their protests; CU Malcolm X continues remarks on need for unification of all peoples in North, Central and South America of African descent; WS Scenes at the meeting of Afro-American Unity. Massive squares of Chinese marchers in vast parade grounds as Mao salutes; WS Jungle fighters bearing rifles on manoeuvres; CU Malcolm X rides in back seat of car, holds interview at airport, {shots heard on tape} narrator remarks on Malcolm's assassination in New York on February. 1, 1965; WS Malcolm X funeral procession, mourners, cemetery and final burial; CU Photo of Malcolm X and a VO of his remarks