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Flight to Israel airliners fly above clouds
Israel, Northern Africa
1951 Color Sync: Flight To Israel 13:00:59 - 13:06:32, 1951 Color Sync: Flight To Israel - Various Air France Continental Air Liner flying above clouds, cockpit, HA over Tel Aviv, airliner landing, EXT terminal building, passengers disembarking walking across tarmac to terminal building, baggage being unloaded. Various downtown Tel Aviv, streets and traffic, stores, streets being widened. Construction of sidewalk on Allen by Street. ZI sidewalks being laid with blocks of concrete in sand. Jaffa, Israel Alleyway of Arab slum on outskirts of Tel Aviv. Rubble of shacks torn down in Arab slum to clear area for Israeli development. Construction site of apartment buildings to house new immigrants. Israeli immigrant working at construction site. The slums in Jaffa being torn down, new buildings being constructed, man working painting traffic stripe on road. Various good shots of stilt type apartment house building common in Israel. Modern style office buildings and EXT National Theatre, philharmonic inside practicing. The Rothschild Boulevard, the gardens and flowers and people walking, large sidewalk cafe filled with people. Various many people walking up and down the beaches, surfer in the water, lifeguard, PAN people on the Mediterranean beach. EXT Weizmann Institute, sign on wall, various CU flowers. 13:06:34 - 13:10:06, POV airplane over cultivated land, orange groves and farms edged by desert, new buildings in new communities. Various PANs the Negev desert, reservoir, new trees planted. PANs a tent city for new immigrants, new housing being constructed for them, various a pipeline for irrigation being built and laid, machines, men digging a deep ditch, man carrying dirt away by hand, railroad train, a power station, oil tanks, chimneys at an atomic plant, large factory being built. Close-ups of Dutch and Belgian immigrant diamond cutters working with hand tools and machines to produce diamonds for export. Yemenite Jewish immigrant shoemakers working in alley. Profile of Yemeni shoemaker with long side locks making shoes 13:10:08 - 13:12:08, Various at a kibbutz, horse drawn wagon, fields beings sprayed with water, the houses in background, people working in the field, various poultry farms, chickens, ducks and turkeys, cattle grazing. Various and CUs children, at the kibbutz and at a camp for rescued children. 13:12:10 - 13:17:10, HA over Haifa out to bay of Accra. Various, in streets, the harbor and activity at a ship, loading a railroad car. Ship in Haifa with refugees at rail and disembarking, shots of people young and old as they come down gangplank. Various modern housing on Mt. Carmel. Various at a school with girls dancing in celebration of the first harvest, CUs children. LS Akko over the water, CU the wall of St John and shot along sea wall fortification, various in the streets, mosque, man praying. Various Roman aqueduct still standing, camels eating grass, CU camel head chewing grass stalk. Beach at Nahariya with people, various beach scenes. 13:17:13 - 13:22:03, Various hills in Galilee, white houses, people at work in field, donkeys, threshing wheat as in olden days, CUs man working a winch with his feet to raise water from deep well. Beit Jan, Israel Wide shot of Druze village. Druze men in keffiyehs performing traditional debka folk dance. Druze man playing flute. Portraits of Druze villagers in traditional headdresses. Row of Druze uqqual men with beards in turbans and religious dress. Israeli Druze flag with Star of David and Arabic inscription. Various hills in Galilee, white houses, people at work in field, donkeys, threshing wheat as in olden days, CUs man working a winch with his feet to raise water from deep well. Men in St. John in Arab dress dancing. Men working to plant trees, PAN a recently planted area in northern Israel, CU a 2000-year-old olive tree, a tobacco farm. PAN the Huleh valley and the start of the Jordan River, various the water flowing to Huleh Lake and men in water working to clear debris, flowers alongside. Various men working the land converted from the swamp int