Footage Information

Global Image Works
Royal Scotland
Scotland, Europe
Clip #: TFA-119C Length: 9:39 Year: 1953 Color: Color Sound: Sound Library: TFA Network Decade: 1950s Region: Europe Country: Scotland Original: 16mm Keywords: Pan up lake. Prince Charles Edward monument. column and statue, highland hills with sheep, highland cattle, large horns in pasture, couple overlooking lake, boys fishing, hunters with guns leading horse with dead deer on saddle, woman loading shotgun, men shooting birds, dog retrieves dead bird and gives to hunter. Parade with pipers, marching soldiers and marching band, King George reviews, bagpipes and drums, stream, pan up to stone bridge, car crosses bridge, flag, Balmoral, car drives through archway for and barracks for Queens Highland regimen, soldiers drilling with rifles, Melrose Abbey ruins, King Robert tomb, valley with brook, rapids, sign for Massacre of Glencoe, February 13, 1692, pan across mountains and field, waterfall and rapids, marching band with drums and bagpipes, King and Queen get out of car, dancers doing Highland fling on stage, men throwing hammer and shot put wearing kilts, golf at St Andrews, man puts into hole, Palace of Holyrood House and ruins, loch and mountains, Linlithgow Palace, birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots, Hermitage Castle, Loch Leven Castle, Edinburgh,large crowd, marching band, pan over loch, lake with misty mountains in background