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War Comes to America, newsreels, & World War II
War Comes to America Part 3 Churches, people voting, prohibition, stock market, freeways, futuristic imagery, great walking shots of NYC crowds WWI Footage - On screen: 1917 - good WWI footage Cheering crowds - on screen Armistice Day, November 11, 1918; Self destruction of US Naval vessels following WWI; Animation of reduction of US forces following WWI Map of Chine - On screen 1931 and Manchuria; Japanese forces in China; Newspaper article Stimson denounces Japanese aggression. US will not recognize territories taken by force - footage of Henry Stimson (FDR's Secretary of War); Bonus marchers - on screen: Bonus March on Capitol; Depression footage: breadlines, dust bowl farm, Okies in tents; Newspaper headline Hitler in Power - on screen: 1933; Footage of Nazi Rally (circa 1930's); Nuremberg Rally - onscreen: Today we rule Germany, tomorrow the world Newspaper Headline: Mussolini Attacks Ethiopia; Italian's attacking Ethiopia; Senator Hiram Johnson We Want No War Neutrality Act No arms for sale to Nations at War; War footage: Spanish civil war, German aircraft dropping bombs in Spain, injured people and rubble; Hitler with General Franco (Spanish Franco) Gallup poll workers - on screen: 95% in November 1936 says no to US participation in World War; Japanese naval vessels hitting targets Poll graphic - onscreen: September 1937 - 43% support China / 2% support Japan; Hitler - on screen: 1938; Map of Austria with Nazi Swastika; Newspaper headline Powers sign Munich Pact; Map of Czechoslovakia - on screen Sudetenland; Hitler in a car - part of a parade END