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Buffalo Bill and the Wild West - Newsreels early 1900's various subjects
United States
00:12:08:14 - 00:14:16:13 Great names of the gay 90's - Lillian Russell - Shot of Lillian Russell posing and turning before the camera.Enrico Caruso - Various shots of Enrico Caruso with cane.Buffalo Bill Cody - Shot of Buffalo Bill with beard using hi-fi type handshake with a line of men.Andrew Carnegie - Shot of Andrew Carnegie. William Jennings Bryan - Shot of Williams Jennings Bryan with a CU.William E. Borah - Shot of William E, Borah. Birth of the Flickers- people walking on the seashore - Panoramic of Atlantic city boardwalk and shot of people walking. Darling Daughters who did not enter the water- women in swimming suits - Flickering shots of women and men in bathing suits on the beach.