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The 90's Election Special: THE PRIMARY
00:23:59 - 00:27:49 Carol Moseley Braun at Operation PUSH rally. A woman tells Braun to elevate her feet at night. Braun replies, I've been doing that ever since you [first] told me that. At the rally, Braun says, We're in striking distance of the incumbent. We can do this. We can actually do this. Hofeld Media Adviser, David Axelrod, offers his spin on the Senate race. Dixon and Hofeld are beating the hell out of each other. They're both losing votes. The third candidate, who has no resources and really hasn't been running much of a campaign, is benefiting from it; not because she's above the fray, but because she's below the fray. Gloria Steinem presents a $1000 check to Braun: We have enemies in the Senate. We have a few people who are not enemies, but we don't have anybody who's our friend. We don't have anybody who understands. That's who Carol is. Bill and Hillary Clinton make an appearance at the Apostolic Church of God. At the Church of God in Christ, Tsongas has an awkward moment when he is prevented from putting money in the collection plate by the minister.