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Modern France
Paris, France, Europe
Modern France. Couple working in small fertile truck farm in France growing potatoes, sugar beets and vegetables. She picks beets in garden while he uses hoe on soil. Oxen with plow and horses with farm carts are used as work animals. Wheat is the most important crop. Sheaves of wheat in field. CU hand with wheat berries. Men unload bags of grain and take away on hand cart LS Mediterranean sea at French Riviera. Young man pickes oranges from tree and puts in wicker basket. CU hand picking orange. Woman in white dress picks flowers from garden. LS sunny French Riviera beach with sunbathers. Men in bathing suits toss ball to each other while children make sandcastle and people stand in waves. LS men and women picking grapes from vines in vineyard. CU man picks bunch of grapes and holds them up. Woman dumps one basket of grapes into another. Map of France showing Bordeaux region. LS Bordeaux from vineyard. Harbor of Bordeaux. LS dockhands on wharf load barrels on to hand cart. Men roll casks of wine with French flag in background. Bales of cork. Crates of oranges. Fishermen with fishing fleet and boats. Two smiling men with hats examine a fish. Pan across Bordeaux harbor with nets and fishing trawlers. The city of La Harve at the mouth of the Seine river. LS Pan down river. Barge traffic. CU bargeman at wheel steering the barge. Dairy cattle and cows grazing on flatlands of Normandy. villages on banks of river. Chateau Gaillard, castle of Richard the Lionhearted at Les Andelys. Rouen cathedral from river. LS Eiffel Tower in Paris. Paris docks. vegetable market. CU peppers, eggplants, lemons, grapes, wheat, and fish. Shops with china and glassware. Designer gown on mannequin. Automobile factory in Paris. New cars parked in rows. Map of France showing location of Nancy. LS factories in Nancy. Men moving a crane in a steel mill. Man waving hands. Workers leave factory and catch a bus. Bus crosses intersection. Man walks into apartment house. Man sits reading newspaper with wife and child playing with doll next to him. . France, Paris, French