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Wings To Britain
England, Europe
TFA-171B Wings To Britain A Pan American and Braniff airlines film about visiting Great Britain Clip #: TFA-171B Length: 28:34 Year: 1957 Color: B/W Sound: Sound Decade: 1950s Region: Europe Country: England Subject: Air Travel Original: 16mm 1950s, Great Britain, England, London, dawn street scenes, lion statue, streetlamp, light turning off, Palace of Westminster and River Thames, policeman, guards, Big Ben, red double decker bus, air traffic controllers, Pan American clipper airplane in flight, flight crew in cockpit operating controls and communicating with air traffic controllers, passengers sleeping, flight attendant putting blanket on sleeping passenger, male passenger looking at watch, surf crashing on rocks, beach and cliffs along coast, countryside, train going through countryside, boys playing in stream, cow lying in field, village, stone buildings, mailman delivering mail, man pouring milk from cart, Welsh fishermen carrying and paddling in coracle boats, pedestrians, traffic and red double decker buses, thatched houses in countryside, man making straw thatched roof, stone on stone, stone tower, church, statues on church facade, castle, manor house, attached houses, farmer sharpening scythe, man chopping wood, men building boat, worker in factory, fishing port, town in valley, town street scenes, pedestrians, London, Piccadilly Circus, street scenes, red double decker buses, bobby policeman, pedestrians, crosswalk, luxury cars, shoeshine man polishing shoes on street, street artist, woman buying flowers from florist, bookstore, people looking at store display, vendors hawking goods, Buckingham Palace, Victoria Memorial, Changing the Guard, Palace of Westminster and River Thames, Trafalgar Square, fountains, pigeons, children feeding pigeons, women eating lunch near fountain, people seated in park and on steps of Nelson's Column, international restaurants, people feeding elephant in zoo, Kensington Gardens, Peter Pan statue, people in park, people paddling canoes, Windsor Castle, swan, woman seated in boat putting hand in water, Stratford-upon-Avon, River Avon, men paddling boat with passengers going down river, Cambridge, River Cam, University of Cambridge, King's College Chapel, men seated in lawn chairs taking naps in sun, cricket match, horse racing, fair with amusement park rides, people roller skating, puppet show, boy riding toy horse, children riding miniature train, train, Southern coast, palm trees, sailboats below, people sitting on beach and wading in water, children building sandcastle, archery target, golf, people firing rifles while hunting, fishing, children and adults model boat sailing, boys operating sailboat, man teaching boys how to tie rope in knot, fishermen in boats, fisherman fixing net, fisherman carrying catch, donkey carrying barrels up hilly cobblestone street, fishermen digging in beach for mussels and cockles, farmer working in field, boys and farmers pitching hay, cattle grazing in field, cattle show, county fair, market, livestock auction, sheep and pigs in pens, fair games, carousel, Lake District, people horseback riding in countryside, car driving past people walking on rural road, couple having picnic on grass near lake, people having afternoon tea, restaurant and hotel signs, Scotland, hills, shepherd herding flock of sheep with help from sheepdogs, spindles, woman operating textile machine, textile machines, Royal Standard of Scotland, Edinburgh cityscape, clan gathering, Highland Games, bagpipe marching band, caber toss, weight throw, wrestling, tug o'war, man playing bagpipes, Highland Dancing, calm and reflective water, man pushing up electrical lever, neon signs lit up at night, London, Piccadilly Circus at night, ballerina performing on stage, opera performance, juggler, female dancers performing cancan dance, pub, bartenders pouring pints of beer, men playing coin game, man playing darts, nightlife establishment neon signs lit up at night, Afro Caribbean and Flamenco dancers dancing in clubs, Piccadilly Circus at dawn, street cleaner sweeping street, guards marching on street, milkman delivering milk, Pan American airplane in flight, airplane passengers drinking beverages and eating meals, flight attendant adjusting tray for passenger, flight attendants serving meals to passengers, man adjusting watch, pilot talking to passengers from cockpit