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California, United States, North America
An educational film from the 1940s about the state of California. 1940s, California, rocky coastline, Pacific Coast, desert, car driving past snow covered embankment along woods, sign pointing to view of Mount Whitney, Mount Whitney, Badwater sign, Death Valley National Park, Badwater Basin, man throwing stones into Badwater Basin, palm tree lined road, El Camino Real sign and bell, Spanish Missions, Coloma, James W Marshall State Historical Monument, gold discovered here by James W. Marshall sign, elderly gold miner panning for gold in stream, gold mining machine, Sacramento, street scene, California State Capitol Building, San Diego, buildings, street scene, port, naval base, San Diego Zoo, animals in pens ,bear, elephant, giraffe, California-Mexico border, cars driving through border crossing, San Francisco, beach near Golden Gate Bridge, cityscape, buildings, cable cars, port, Nob Hill, San Francisco?Oakland Bay Bridge, Berkeley, UC Berkeley, University of California Berkeley, campus buildings, Sather Tower / Campanile, Los Angeles, cityscape, residential houses, UCLA, University of California Los Angeles, campus buildings, USC, University of Southern California, campus buildings, students on campus, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Trojan football game, Pasadena, Tournament of Roses parade, marching band, flower decorated floats, blossoming trees in field, Central Valley, men stacking crates of fruit, fruit trees, citrus fruit, man loading crates of citrus fruit onto truck, citrus crates traveling on conveyor belt in factory, Imperial Valley, All American Canal, agricultural fields, agricultural workers working with produce, cattle being herded, cow, mining, petroleum, oil reserves, hydroelectric power plant, smokestacks, shipyard, steel manufacturing, chemical plant, tire factory, airplane factory, entertainment industry, film studios, Hollywood, Warner Brothers First National Pictures Studio Building, Paramount Pictures Studio Building, Walt Disney Productions Studio Building, RKO radio tower on top of globe, 20th Century Fox sign, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios sign, slow motion skier in flight and traveling down snow covered slope, Northern California, Redwood Highway, Redwood trees, car driving through Wawona Tree tunnel, Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Falls, Palm Springs, people lounging next to outdoor swimming pool, person diving off diving board into swimming pool, bear climbing out of water, El Camino Real, Spanish Missions, Fray Junipero Serra, Sacramento, California State Capitol Building, Los Angeles, Long Beach, cityscape, San Francisco, cityscape and San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, man throwing stones into Badwater Basin, Mount Whitney, oil refinery, agricultural industry, factories, factory workers, Hollywood, film studios, 20th Century Fox sign, Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, field of brightly colored flowers, trains, American and California flags flying on flagpole