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Adirondack Holiday
New York, United States, North America
Adirondack Holiday. A tour of the Adirondack region in 1960.. 1960s, New York, Adirondack Mountains, Essex County, white water, aerial Adirondack Mountains, Toll House for Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway, cars driving on Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway, Summit House, woman looking through telescope at scenery, woman taking photograph of girls, Canada, St. Lawrence Valley, boy looking through binoculars, people on top of Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid, man taking photograph of child posing on snow mound in front of Lake Placid sign, Olympic Arena Ice Skating Rink, ice skating spectacular, ice skaters, man and boy carrying fish catch to family having breakfast on picnic table, campsite, Champlain Memorial Lighthouse, Lake Champlain, Crown Point, instructor teaching boys how to swim in lake, beach, child playing with toy boat in water, woman lying on her stomach on beach, family walking through Crown Point State Park, fort, boy taking photograph of parents in front of British Barracks, aerial forts, Mount Defiance, Fort Ticonderoga, recreation Ethan Allen's capture of Fort Ticonderoga, parade of flags, Lake Champlain, Essex Regatta, sailing, sailboats, punchbowl, trophies, man presenting trophy and people applauding, cars driving on road past welcome to Schroon Lake sign, man getting out of car and walking into public bathhouse, public beach, waterskiing, people sitting on beach watching man and woman waterski, woman getting into jeep and driving away from cabin, car pov driving through wooded road, jeep driving on country road, woman in jeep using fingers as a frame, man standing in stream fishing for mountain trout, woman painting man fishing on canvas, fisherman combing his hair, fisherman catching fish on line and picking up in net, fisherman holding up trout catch and smiling, Elizabethtown, Cobble Hill Golf Course, boy swinging club at golf ball, men playing golf, sign alerting golf players to wait for buzzer to sound, 4th hole, buzzer, man hitting golf ball into hole and shaking hands with fellow player, Minerva, mother kissing children goodbye as they run into school bus, mother sitting on chair outside cabin and petting dog, school bus driving through countryside to Minerva Central School, summer camp, youth program, children running out of school bus, boys playing baseball, counselor pushing girl in swing as other children swing nearby, girl weaving basket, woman and man eating on picnic table near Minerva Lake, girl giving handmade basket to mother seated at picnic table, children running into lake and swimming, lifeguard watching from chair, Frontier Town, Wild West theme park, Wild West shootout recreation with cowboys riding horses, boy being sworn in as sheriff and riding on top horse drawn wagon, mock holdup, children cheering as bandit in pillory is found guilty of holdup, bandit sitting in chair being dunked in water, family riding in car on road with children wearing western wear and pretending to shoot guns, North Pole, Santa Claus talking to children, fairytale village, miniature train, Old Mac's Farm, children feeding baby animals, farmer, Sterling Alaska Fur and Game Farm, Ausable Chasm, car driving on AuSable Chasm Bridge, Ausable River, people standing at Chasm lookout points, Elephant's Head, boat tour on Ausable River through chasm, bateau, boat tour guide, guide helping people out of tour boat, Westport, Essex County Fair, amusement park rides, swing ride, children riding carousel, merry-go-round, ferris wheel, girls eating cotton candy, tilt-a-whirl ride, high striker, floral hall, homemade cherry jelly competition, woman examining jelly jars, preserved beans in mason jars, cattle contest, grand champion ribbon, judge awarding winner ribbon, marching band, parade, Essex Fire District No.1 firetruck in parade, harness racing, spectators seated in stands turning heads in unison as they watch race, children in stands drinking from bottles, state fair at night, illuminated ferris wheel, boat ride, ring toss, fireworks, family watching fireworks, dogs and hunters getting into car, fall, car pov driving through town and on country road, pheasant hunting, hunters and dogs getting out of car and walking through field, pheasant, dog creeping through grass, hunting shooting rifle in air, pheasant taking off, hunter shooting pheasant and dog using mouth to pick it up and bring to hunter, cars driving on country road, Keene Valley, hikers looking at map near Adirondack Information Center sign, hikers walking past farm, hikers walking on path into woods, woman putting finger up to mouth and hushing as she looks through binoculars, raccoons, people hiking in woods, man drinking and filling cup with water from stream, people hiking through woods looking at trees, hikers seated at clearing looking at view, man painting cow on cow, winter, hunting lodge, Newcomb, hunters looking at deer tracks in snow, deer watching hunters walk through snow, deer following hunters, hunters relaxing and talking in hunting lodge, deer looking through window at hunters in lodge, car driving and stopping at fish shanty on frozen Lake Champlain, fish shanties, Port Henry, fisherman getting out of car and entering fish shanty, pot bellied stove, fisherman holding ice fishing poles and fishing through hole in shanty floor, fisherman lifting up smelt caught on fishing line and putting in bucket, horse drawn sleigh emerging from covered bridge and traveling through snow covered roads to Au Sable Forks, snow covered open fields, people skiing down snow covered slopes, Saranac Lake, Mt. Pisgah Ski Center, adult helping child ski, child falling on snow, person skiing and jumping off slope, Lake Placid, Fawn Ridge, skiers going down slalom run, woman lying on stomach on beach, sailboat passengers, Frontier Town, bandit sitting in chair being dunked in water, children riding carousel, Fort Ticonderoga, recreation Ethan Allen's capture of Fort Ticonderoga, fisherman catching fish in net, man swinging golf club, hunter shooting rifle in air, skier going down slalom run, horse drawn sleigh traveling on snow covered road