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Crisis Over Kashmir
India, Asia
Crisis Over Kashmir. The History of Kashmir. 1960s, Kashmir, Indian Subcontinent, boats on river, children paddling boat, street scenes, people in traditional clothing, vendor selling produce, artisan, paintings of British East India Company opening up trade with India in 1609, paintings of conflict between India and Britain, painting of 1858 British government taking power from the East India Company and viceroys, King George and Queen Mary visiting India in 1911, portrait photographs of Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi surrounded by crowds of worshippers, non-cooperation movement, spinning wheel, Salt March, villagers collecting salt from sea, Ghandi and disciples imprisoned, Jawaharlal Nehru imprisoned, Ghandi fasting, independence nears for India in 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru meeting with British officials and agreeing on partition of colonial India into Pakistan and India, border province residents including women in burqas / burkas voting, August 15 1947, India Independence Day, crowds rejoicing on street, Jawaharlal Nehru climbing out of window and speaking to crowd about Kashmir, Muhammad Ali Jinnah shaking hands and waving to onlookers, British ship departing, people waving, violence between Hindus and Muslims / India and Pakistan, fire in building, wounded people, corpses, 1948, Paris, Palais de Chaillot, United Nations Security Council meeting, United Nations Security Council draws ceasefire line dividing Kashmir, United Nations emblem, violence between India and Pakistan on ceasefire line, building ruins from violence, 1965, armed Pakistani guerrillas captured, civilians crying, newspaper front pages about India / Pakistan conflict, Lal Bahadur Shastri putting hands together in prayer and sitting down in chair, Pakistani and Indian soldiers fighting in Kashmir, ruins, refugees fleeing, Manhattan, New York City, United Nations Headquarters, United Nations Security Council meeting, Ambassador Arthur Goldberg addressing delegates, delegates of India, Pakistan and United Kingdom speaking, council voting on immediate ceasefire and visit of U Thant, U Thant deplaning and visiting Indian Subcontinent, United Nations flag outside headquarters, United Nations Headquarters General Assembly Lobby, Foucault Pendulum, sunset / sunrise over Manhattan skyline