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Liberia - Africa's Only Republic
Liberia, Africa
Liberia - Africa's Only Republic. A tour of Liberia in the late 1940s. 1940s, Africa, Liberia, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, men banging on drum, native men carrying hampers on their backs, Liberia on map of Africa, rural land, fertile jungle and rivers, brightly colored flowers on tree, African Moon Flower, Poinsettias, Hibiscus, village of huts, tribal living, women pounding and winnowing rice, farmers planting cassava, Elaeis guineensis, African Oil Palm, man climbing African Oil Palm tree and chopping down branches, men rowing fishing boat, women trapping fish in freshwater pool, man weaving on loom, mat makers, blacksmith, villagers building hut, family carrying possessions on heads into hut, family sitting and playing outside hut, tribal meeting, young native men carrying hampers on their backs, children carrying goods on their heads to market, market goods, African peppers, African Oil Palm fruit, Liberian citrus and sugarcane, dried minnows, hand carved ivory, leopard pet, vendor displaying cloth, US Trading Company operated by Firestone, men buying goods from clerks, airplane landing at Roberts Field Airport, airport terminal building, Farmington River, modern homes on Firestone plantations, base hospital, modern clinic, Firestone radio towers, people playing golf on Firestone golf course, native rugby teams playing game on plantation field, Liberian stilt dance at village, native people performing traditional warrior dance, latex industry, rubber industry, latex dripping from tree, men chopping tree trunk with axes, felling trees, felled trees falling to ground, workers clearing jungle, workers burning felled jungle growth, billowing smoke from fire, workers planting rubber plant seeds in nursery, young rubber trees growing in nursery, workers bud grafting rubber trees, worker chopping off seedling top, grafted shoot from new bud becomes trunk of superior rubber tree, technician looking through transit to align rows for field in tree, workers marking tree locations with stakes, worker digging hole in clay soil with shovel, worker filling hole with top soil, worker planting pruned bud grafted rubber tree, worker looking at young rubber tree, rubber trees in field, worker using knife to tap mature rubber tree, drops of latex oozing from rubber tree, rapper tapping, native men carrying buckets and knives leaving village to tap rubber trees on plantation, tapper removing string of latex from tree and cutting into tree, tapper pouring dash of anticoagulant into collection bowl, latex dripping from rubber tree into bowl, man tapping tree from two levels on tree trunk, man hitting gong on hilltop, tapper collecting latex from rubber trees into buckets, tappers carrying buckets of latex balanced on pole on their backs, tappers carrying buckets of latex walking towards division station, buckets of latex being weighed, recorded and poured into receiving tank, truck hauling latex to central processing factory, latex being emptied from truck into receiving tank, Firestone Processing Factory, fresh latex being converted into commercial grade rubber, worker operating centrifuges, latex in centrifuges, workers moving latex drums, workers processing latex into dry rubber in large vats, latex blubber being chopped into large slices, hunks of blubber sent down chute, workers putting blubber pads through rollers, workers examining rubber sheets hung up to dry, workers operating hydraulic press squeezing rubber sheets into bales, baled rubber being loaded onto lighters, heavily laden lighters traveling down Farmington River to Atlantic, lighters traveling towards anchored freighter, cargo being loaded from lighter onto freighter, Harvey Samuel Firestone portrait, Harvey Samuel Firestone, Jr. seated at desk talking to man, American and Liberian scientists working in Firestone Plantation laboratory, children playing outside and running inside school when instructed by teacher, teacher instructing students in classroom, Firestone Plantation school, native medical technicians vaccinating Liberians against smallpox and examining them for African sleeping sickness, doctor examining girl in clinic, doctors and nurses treating patients and performing surgery in hospital, researchers looking through microscopes, Monrovia, cityscape along coast, street scene, Matilda Newport Monument, government buildings, legislative building, President William Tubman delivering State of the Nation address to legislature, train traveling near harbor, fishermen repairing net, sunset, silhouettes of people looking at water at sunset