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Steel Strike: Senate Bars Truman Request for Seizure. President Truman goes before a Joint Session of Congress to request seizure powers to settle the steel strike. His personal appeal is turned down by a vote of 54 to 26. President Harry S. Truman says, I therefore recommend that the Congress promptly enact seizure legislation such as I have described, which will restore full-scale steel production, provide fair treatment for all concerned, and maintain incentives for both parties to reach agreement on the disputed issues through collective bargaining. There's another course which the Congress could follow; that would be to enact legislation authorizing and directing the president to seek an injunction of the type authorized under the Taft-Hartley Act but without going through the formality of appointing a board of inquiry and waiting for its report. I do not recommend that the Congress adopt the Taft-Hartley approach. I think it would be unwise, unfair, and quite possibly ineffective. Senator Taft is among the men in the audience. Shots of Congress giving standing ovation as Truman leaves. Koje: Red PW's Subdued After Bitter Battle. British and American troops move in on rebellious Red (Communist) prisoners of war for a final round-up after riots. Tear gas and concussion grenades finally subdue the die-hards and their escape tunnels are discovered. British soldiers wear gas masks. Prisoner shows off torture wounds on leg (VO says the man was tortured by Communists). News in Brief: Pearl Farm U.S. Ambassador Robert Murphy visits the fabulous pearl farm of pearl king Mikimoto to inspect the methods by which cultured pearls are made. Woman prepares oyster for creating pearl. Women work, diving for oysters and then opening them to look for pearls. News in Brief: Venezuela's Radio City At Caracas a new $300,000,000 city rises, containing twenty-four buildings. Through it goes an eight-lane highway. Modern new buildings. Man inspects architectural model. News in Brief: Italy, Tourist University In Rome students from twenty-seven universities go to art classes by scooter. They really get around the glory that was Rome - touring Coliseum, Forum, etc. Art student (young woman with short shorts) drawing illustration of columns. Motor scooters. Miss Universe: Foreign Beauties Vie For World Title. Gals from Finland, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Panama and Greece display their charms for the camera in contests to determine who shall represent her country in the Miss Universe contest to be held in Long Beach, California. Women in evening gown competition parade before people seated at table. Miss Greece smiles at airport, being welcomed with bouquet of flowers. Filipina women in swimsuits. The various national winners smile for the camera.