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Rose Marie at Home
Atlantic City; Las Vegas; Van Nuys, New Jersey; Nevada; California; Arizona, United States
Double exposed for first part; view from a plane; Rose Marie's mother in swimsuit in her yard; falls getting into lounge chair; driving in Atlantic City past Steel Pier advertisement; welcome signs into Atlantic City; Noopy walking around a parking lot; Noopy and Stella being pushed in carriage on boardwalk; views of boardwalk; Flamingo marquee advertising William Bendix and Rose Marie; Jonathan Winters at pool; Rose Marie at pool; Bobby at pool; man diving into pool; footage of pool at home and the lanscape around it; the front yard at 6916; the lamp post sign; the driveway; a black dog sitting up doing tricks; Grandma Stella in the living room on the couch; sign welcoming you to Arizona - driving; stopped at gas station filling up car; Bobby stretching; some horse event at a stadium/ring