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Air Raid Warning Film
United States
Italian flight from Italy to Chicago World’s Fair (1934/5). A group of Italian seaplanes fly overhead. Shot of Air Marshall of Italy Italo Balbo in captains’ seat of aircraft. Shot of single engine seaplane landing. Balbo boards U.S. ship and salutes sailors and captain. Douglass DC-4 aircraft taking off. Air to air shots of DC-4 in flight. Air to air shots of Consolidated PBY Catalina and Consolidated PB2Y Coronado seaplanes. Air to air shots of PB2Y Coronado in flight. Shots of various brochures for civilian defense. ZI to brochure entitled “Air Raid Wardens”. Air to air shots of enemy aircraft flying. Civilian spotters on ground looking through binoculars, then picks up phone. Two female spotters looking through binoculars for aircraft. Various shots of civilian spotters looking for aircraft. CU shot of telephone on small table. Phone rings and man runs down flight of stairs to answer “Army Flash” call. Shot of various civilians and military officials sitting around a large map. Military officials and spotters place markers on map where aircraft have been seen. Three officers taking on phone. Fighter squadrons taking off to intercept. Army communications and rows of women on switchboards. Map graphic with reading “500 People” to demonstrate the amount civilian defense. Air warden exits store after hearing air raid siren. Sign reading “Air Raid Warden Post No. 2”. Air raid wardens walk into suburban home. Air raid warden – warden headquarters – picking up supplies (flashlights). Air raid wardens on patrol, directing traffic, directing crowds (good shot of NYC). Seattle, directing crowds to shelters in different areas (cities / rural) Great shot of sign for Air Raid Shelter as people pass by to access the shelter. People go downstairs and enter shelter. Air Raid Warden walks around houses to ask residents to cover any visible light from inside their homes. Air raid warden classes with first aid training. Placing a splint made of a magazine on man’s leg. Making a tourniquet and applying it to mock injury. Fire training with group of trainees observing local fire department putting out small fire. Man using firehose. Man putting out fire as practice. Office in classroom lecturing class on “War Gases”. Officer holds beaker labeled “Mustard Gas” in another hand holds a garlic clove. Officer holds beaker of “Chloropicrin” and in another hand, flypaper. Officer holds up beaker of “Diphenylchlorarsine”, in another hand shoe polish. Officer holds beaker of “Phosgene” and green corn. Officer holds beaker of “Lewisite” and compares the odor to a geranium. “What Everybody ought to Know” – how to prepare. Shots of apartment building, factory, and suburban home. Man in attic organizing things. Shot of empty room. Shot of staircase with pails of water and firefighting equipment ready for use. Woman enters kitchen and turns off gas stove. Man brings garden hose into kitchen and attaches it to faucet. Woman standing on two chair hangs large blackout curtains. Two children practice hiding under a table. Ext. depiction of house in black out scenario. Two steam ships at sea carrying troops. Shots of soldiers waving to camera. Soldier march alongside trucks parked at the port. Shot of man and woman in Air Warden uniform saluting to camera with “America Calling” sign between them. ZI in to sign and fade to black.