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Saudi Arabia 1990
saudi arabia
Rare Dramatic and outstanding shots of Saudi Arabia from 1990s - aerials and ground shots, night, day. Technology, citiscapes, landscapes, desertscapes, business, agriculture, people, lifestyles. 01:04:57:18>>>Mountains in the desert – various shots 01:05:29:15>>>Palm trees against orange sky 01:05:28:26>>>Full moon 01:05:32:24>>>Desert sky with mountains in the horizon ----- 01:05:36:23>>>Caravan crossing the desert at sunset 01:05:44:19>>>Green vegetation 01:05:49:16>>>Camels with green palm trees in the background 01:05:53:27>>>cu to ZO Desert dunes, sand blowing across desert 01:06:07:08>>>Camels silhouette against orange sky 01:06:14:13>>>Pan Mountains with green vegetation 01:06:20:19>>>Camels and Bedouins on top of mountain 01:06:25:11>>>Minaret in silhouette against sun and clouds sky ------ 01:06:38:10 – 01:07:10:05 Montage of various buildings and beauty shots of Saudi Arabia 01:06:38:10>>>Airplane landing (Lockheed Tri-Star L-1011) 01:06:44:29>>>Interior upscale shopping mall with water fountain 01:06:47:22>>>Traffic- various shots of cars on highway and downtown traffic 01:06:52:01>>>Buildings and architecture – various shots of buildings (ground and aerials) in Saudi Arabia 01:07:01:09>>>Aerial shot of tower and Mosque ----- 01:07:10:05>>>Cu blazing Fire of oil well – aerial over fields with circular crop patterns for irrigation 01:07:13:22>>>Aerial over waterway with bridge built across top of it ------ 01:07:18:17 – 01:07:39:00 01:07:18:17>>>Pan of Arab men sitting in bleachers in stadium, MS of Saudi Cameraman filming an event in stadium ----- 01:07:21:29>>>CU Motorcycle wheel to ZO of 2 policeman riding in Saudi street ---- 01:07:25:24>>>Saudi men walking through columned walkway of building ----- 01:07:30:01>>>aerial over intersecting cloverleaf highways in Saudi Arabia 01:07:36:06>>>Aerial over Saudi city day - buildings with sun reflection 01:07:43:04>>>Aerial – night over modern Saudi city circling around one building and then over fountain shooting into the night sky ----- Various shots of Saudi men working in an office in front of computers with clocks lined up on wall showing time zones around the world 01:07:50:05>>>WS men sitting at long desk with banks of computers ; CU over the shoulder of man talking on the phone and touching computer screen 01:07:54:02>>>MS of man talking on telephone 01:07:56:04>>>Pan Clock on the wall showing Tokyo time 01:07:57:24>>>WS room with men at desk working at computers 01:08:00:11>>> Clock on the wall with New York time and CU man talking on phone ------ 01:08:03:10>>>Interior of electronics store with banks of working televisions piled one on top of other to ceiling - commerce 01:08:06:10>>>Int car dealership with Man opening hood of Mercedes to show off engine, shot of salesman and prospective buyer inspecting car ---- 01:08:12:01>>>Aerial over highway –CU highway sign showing how many kilometers to Buraydah, Unayzah and Al Madinah; CU “Slow” road sign in Arabic and English; MS Road sign on rural road with mountains in background pointing straight ahead to Muhayil and left to Jazat Al Thulatra and single car enters screen and drives off into distance ------ Sequence showing various men at work in Saudi Arabia 01:08:24:08>>>Pan inside testing laboratory where Saudi men in western dress are seen talking ---- 01:08:29:23>>>Man in sunglasses and cap driving truck in desert 01:08:32:19>>>Doctor with patient. Patient lying down and doctor checking his eyes with instrument. 01:08:36:28>>>Man at desk working with computer – shot of him moving mouse and then over shoulder shot of him looking at computer screen 01:08:41:08>>>group of men under small plane working on one of the engines to ZO to MS of the tail of a small private jet ----- 01:08:46:13>>> Shot of the giant bicycle monument north of Jeddah., an artwork from the remains of the first Saudi Marble factory Two men riding bicycles underneath it. ZO to show WS of the Bicycle monument ------ Sequence of beauty shots 01:08:58:07>>>Idyllic shot of large sailboat on the water at sunset with big orange sun in the background 01:09:04:22>>>WS of walled fortress in the desert 01:09:07:03>>>Silhouette of Mosque showing dome and minaret against orange sky 01:09:11:02>>>Aerial along main boulevard showing modern buildings and traffic ---- Sequence showing various jobs and technology from 1990s 01:09:16:28>>>Man operating controls at a wall full of dials and control switches 01:09:18:08>>>Man inside green house checking leaves 01:09:20:11>>>Saudi engineers looking over architectural blue prints 01:09:22:27>>>Man welding pipe; man working on engine of car 01:09:26:03>>>Woman with head scarf sitting at desk reviewing papers ( secretary?) 01:09:28:22>>>Female TV news reporter seen against blue screen background talking to camera 01:09:31:10>>>Drive along residential street showing apartment buildings 01:09:36:11>>>Saudi men at home in living room – one holding young child, tv on in bkgd 01:09:41:08>>>Pan of exterior of apartment complex ---- 01:09:49:07>>>Cu to ZO showing group of Saudi men gathered under tent in desert talking. WS shows singular tent in middle of desert 01:09:53:28>>>Saudi men with camel, High angle down shot of Saudi shepherd with herd of sheep in desert 01:10:04:17>>>MS Saudi men sitting on the floor inside tent talking 01:10:09:18>>>Camel being lowered by crane onto a platform possibly for transit or to be sold at auction 01:10:19:06>>>stand of palm trees with clay colored building in background 01:10:21:01>>>group of Saudi men at a meeting - sitting on the floor, drinking tea, good cu of one of the men fanning the smoldering briquettes on a fire keeping the tea warm ----- 01:10:31:10>>>Clothes market – various men shopping 01:10:35:01>>>Blacksmiths working with red hot piece of metal – hammering it into shape 01:10:38:16>>>Saudi business meeting with graphics presentation – men sitting around a circular conference room table, MS one of the men lecturing to others holding pointer while graphics on projection screen change 01:10:45:01>>>young boy in Swimming pool 01:10:50:16>>>Sequence of aerial shot over mountains in the desert, lakes and vegetation 01:11:37:12>>>CU to ZO from base of waterfall to WS of waterfall cascading over side of rocky hill 01:11:44:27>>>Beauty shot of large round yellow sun against orange sky low on horizon with silhouette of desert below 01:11:50:06>>Sequence of desert shots – rippled wind blown desert dunes, good shot of dry cracked, parched earth, pan across mountains rising from the desert floor. Palm trees WS desert with Palm trees rising at various points from the desert, WS showing coastline from the beach at low tide. Bird at water’s edge pecking into water for food. Pan across desert to oil drilling site in middle of open desert area, ZI to MS of oil drill 01:12:33:06>>>Time Lapse of dry cracked earth filling with water *** CU of rich vegetation to ZO to WS of garden with palm trees and fountains. 01:12:47:05>>>Man climbing palm tree, cu grapes growing at top of tree, hands pulling grapes off 01:12:58:09>>>WS of green field with yellow flowers blowing in the wind 01:13:07:03>>>sequence of aerials over dunes in desert – beauty shots 01:13:25:14>>>WS of Saudi men looking at ancient stone carvings on the side of a mountain, Cu of some of the drawings showing various animals, shot of the 3 men pointing to and discussing the carvings 01:13:43:07>>>CU sand in desert to ZO to WS of mountains rising in desert, views of various ancient buildings in the desert, ancient rock archway with stone minaret behind it Aerial view of the throngs of people assembled at the Haj in Mecca 01:14:17:05>>>Outstanding shot of large group of Saudi men on horseback in desert – looks as if it is a painting come to life – CU flag with Arabic writing, shot of men on horseback galloping towards camera as they appear from over a distant hill in the desert with sand whipping up in the foreground from the galloping horses – can be used for recreation of Arab cavalries riding through the desert 01:14:50:24>>>Map showing location of Saudi Arabia, cu of book with Arabic writings (Koran?), various artwork . Montage of various ruins of ancient buildings and forts in the desert 01:15:22:00>>>Re-creation – Arab men with rifles run into stone wall fortification , cut to men with rifles shooting back from atop the stone wall parapet, cut to men running into fortification seen from inside, various shots of gunfire and battle footage, over the shoulder shot of Saudi man looking out over the ancient city where the battle just viewed took place. 01:15:43:13>>>Sepia toned Archival footage of Saudi military on horseback 01:16:01:19>>>BW archival footage of early oil well in desert, color shot of men working on oil well and cu drill turning, archival color footage of old car with man standing on running board driving down side of dune, cu two men looking upwards at oil drilling, shot looking upwards inside oil rig with fire burning at the top 01:16:15:23>>>BW and color archival footage of of various Saudi leaders with Western leaders - boarding a British ship, with Winston Churchill talking, with President Roosevelt meeting and talking , standing next to President Nixon (who is talking at podium), with President Reagan, ---- Sequence about people arriving for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca for the Haj 01:16:38:27>>>Luxury liner at sea – MS of various Arabs on the decks looking out 01:16:47:21>>>Airplane taxing at Saudi airport 01:16:52:08>>>various black Muslim women leaving plane 01:16:59:10>>>cu bus ZO to WS of Buses traveling along highway through desert 01:17:03:18>>>Pilgrims arriving in Mecca for the Haj, Muslims praying during Haj to pull out to ws of throngs of people assembled around the Kabba to even wider showing the city skyline in the background 01:17:08:07>>>group of Saudis facing East and praying . 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