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FJ-HRN-2088 @ 01:49:03
Sound bite: Jimmy Jean Louis O yeah, completely whether it’s in France, in England, in Germany, or even in South American even in Africa. so yes the difference with with here is that a lot of the black people have some kinda of power, compared to the black people in France. They have no power they are just following what they are given. When I just say that we don’t see too many black people in the theaters you don’t see them either on TV or any high positions such as CEO or manager or anything like that. So yes it is a big deal it’s just over there its a little bit smoother they make it look like it’s not a problem, but I mean it is what it is. I mean once again we are all animals we all human and there will always be kind of fact among race. To the point where we accept each other and hopefully the fact could be less about the color that we are and more about what we think as far as ideas that we have to better the world. And and which is a good situation now with what’s happening the with with Obama and we have two great candidates for democrats and…talks…So body like him for example will be able to get people around the table. He’ll be able to start a talk. Verses somebody else who will just scare everybody else. That’s a that’s a big deal that’s a big deal people won’t be afraid to actually take a call or actually have a meeting with Barak Obama and speak about big issues that’s accentually how we can have a better world by communicating our problems and finding solutions.