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FJ-HRN-2909 @ 13:47:49
HRN-2909 Nothing Like the Holidays
Sound Bite: Debra Messing Yeah I call it a dramady I call it a holiday dramady you will absolutely laugh your gonna hear great music you will leave feeling like you cant wait to spend the holidays with your family there are real life issues that are contended which I think roots and grounds the film and makes it more universal that’s the thing I got from this film was you know I thought it was I learned so much from the Puerto Rican Culture I didn’t know what a ? was however at the end of the day it was just so clear its sort of irrelevant it doesn’t if your matter if your Irish or Italian Cuban or what have you its like the holiday’s is the same for everyone the holiday is the same for everybody everybody is anxious about going home and being together a little dread and little scared when things go south (talks) yes yes yes (talks) well you know I’m Jewish you know I feel like we are loud and passionate and I think everybody can see themselves when they watch this film