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FJ-HRN-767 @ 01:26:27
HRN-767 Christian Oliver Tape #1
A07. HRN-767 In: 01.26.27 Out: 01.29.11 Sound Bite: Christian Oliver Well thee amazing part about that was really when I step onto that set it was a clean slate it wasn’t like the kid from so and so it was like I was one of them and feeling that and letting that in and allowing myself to be part of that was I think the biggest hurtle because they just accepted me as one of them. I was there for a reason, I was there to work and they knew why they wanted me there and I just had to realize ok I got the job and now its about having fun and you got to step it up so it was really, it was kind of like a switch that I had too because first day of shooting was like 600 extras, Universal back lot, it was just Cate and myself walking and this huge beautiful shot they rebuilt Berlin. I mean I walked onto that set and it gave me the chills because I was like this is amazing what he had created here in the back lot of Universal, this is like German, German signs, German coffee shops and it’s all like war and its destroyed, it gave me the chills, it was wow. And it was just amazing to see that nobody had any judgments whatsoever I think that was the magic for me at least on the set that I didn’t felt judged one day, I felt like you know Steven Soderbergh creates an environment where everybody is equal in a sense where everybody matters, everybody counts, there’s no egos on set, at least I didn’t encounter any maybe they kept me away from that. But it was so refreshing and so amazing to see that on a level like that where you hear all those nightmare stories about you know A-List celebrities blah blah you hear all this crap but it was, I mean it was the total opposite. There was no egos involved and it was just a working environment where he created it was, I was able to trust anybody if it was the camera, anybody on the set it was such a great relaxed environment. And the only thing I had a problem was myself, allowing myself to accept that and it took me a couple of hours and I was like oh fuck this is great, this is amazing you know. And it was just a pleasure to go to work everyday because it was so surreal I mean I didn’t want to go home, we finished early Steven Soderbergh he does one or two takes and you know moving on and like three o’clock came along and it was wrap time like I don’t want to go home. There were so many movies where I wanted to go after 16 hours like get me out of here and I was like this movie I could shoot 24 hours a day it was great.