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DVD NEWSFEED: 7/13/05 GW BUSH ON ECONOMY, LAURA BUSH ON AFRICAN AID, BERNARD EBBERS WORLDCOM, FLOODING, OSPREY DEMONSTRATION ;DX-INT: GW BUSH, speech on economic growth, jobs, legal reform, fair legal system reforms, fiscally responsible highway bill ;DX-INT: GW Bush, Rumsfeld, on Karl Rove, matter, Bush will not prejudge investigation based on media reports ;DX-INT: Teens at coke, vending machine, lots of different vending machines and kids getting soft drinks, and consuming them ;DX-EXT: Spain, Spanish Guard memorial, formal dressed guards at attention, salute from King, band plays, guards attention; DX-INT: Spain, support of England after terrorist bombings ;DX-EXT: Bernard Ebbers, World com, executive sentenced, speaks, nothing to hide ;DX-EXT: MA, boat fire, boat smokes, fireboats, pour on water, rescued people, burned out boat hulk, the Priscilla ;DX-INT: Guantanamo, prisoner abuse hearings, Army investigators, committee chair speaks, congressional type thing ;DX-INT: child drug overdose, t/h ext. of CVS pharmacy - DO NOT USE ;DX-EXT: LONDON, after attacks, signs, British flags, peds, posters, papers, Bombers Wanted to Be Martyrs, t/h ;DX-INT: MEDICAL, INFANT PACEMAKER, baby in incubator with pacemaker, tiny pacemaker, nurse holds newborn ;DX-INT: Shuttle Columbia, crew suits up, trying on orange space suits for fit and suit up, checking the fits; DX-INT: LAURA BUSH, speech, US will strengthen the aid on Malaria, and children in Africa, partnership with Masada fund ;DX-INT: LAURA BUSH, shakes hands with people African meeting, photo ops and greets other participants; DX-INT: Military, Senators on troop strength, Clinton, Leiberman increase of troop strength ;DX-INT: Flight 587, memorial of crash victims, 9/01/2001, Bell Harbor of Dominican Flight ;DX-INT: William Rehnquist file footage, speech, swearing in ceremony to Supreme Court w/wife, w/Reagan, before Senate hearing, etc ;DX-EXT: OH, residential hotel fire, water poured on historical bldg, lots of smoke and firefighters on ladders ;DX-EXT: WA, odd object in water, along side of fishing trawler covered with barnacles, fishing boat with Russian sub floating ;DX-INT: Bernard Ebbers,, sentencing, press confronts, attorneys, US Court House bldg, Worldcom hdqtrs, Ebbers testifies ;DX-EXT: PA gas explosion lawsuit, aftermath and damage, firemen at scene, injured victim, t/h parents and attorneys ;DX-INT: NYC, NYSE closing bell, pan of NYSE floor activity, various angles, traders at work ;DX-INT: Stem Cell, Senators and Michael J. Fox, Michael J. Fox, testifies, on stem cell research ;DX-EXT: CIA Leak, press conference, Matt Cooper on Judith Miller 8th day in jail ;DX-INT: IN CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, police testify, sting action, Jonathan French, examples on internet ;DX-EXT: ITALY, POLICE, escort prisoner, attorneys, London Bombing suspect, t/h Islamic writing/cultural center ;DX-EXT: MEXICO, Deports top Crime Boss, armed guards, riot gear, press conference, prisoner speaks in Spanish; DX-EXT: Osprey, demonstration, flies straight up double propellers on both sides, t/o and land, military troops, demo ;DX-EXT: OK, Vietnam vets, motorcycle ride, rally, crowds and gathering of traveling exhibit on Vietnam Wall ;DX-EXT: Motorcycle, rally, ride, lots of them on the road, parade, freeway, large groups of bike riders ;DX-EXT: IA, press conference, of Ag Sec running for governor, Patty Judge for governor ;DX-EXT: ROMANIA, FLOODING, washed out river, people cross thru mud debris, swollen river, downed bridge, muddy river ;DX-INT: PAKISTAN, PRESS CONF, on London terrorist attacks, full support to British people ;