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NEWSFEED: 8/22-30/02, GIANT GRASSHOPPERS. MOSQUITOES. ORLANDO'S CHURCH STREET STATION. WRECKED SUV. COP W/ A LOT OF CAPTURED GUNS ;DX Men dressed like Mario digging in a giant bowl of spaghetti ;DX US: VAR EST 'City Offices' ;DX US: VAR INT auction w/ peds standing. VAR paintings. Blue glass sculptures ;DX US: Preemies in incubators. Interview: Triplets ;DX US: Follow tall man thru airport. Woman hands him thick folder. INT Seattle's Best Coffee in airport. VAR security check ;DX GEORGIA: POLICE STANDOFF: Aerial 2 Story house, Police all over suburban street, hiding behind cars ;DX FT BRAGG: MALARIA DRUG: CU 'Lariam' box ;DX FLORIDA: GIANT GRASSHOPPERS: VAR Suburbia. CUs giant grasshopper. Peds holding grasshopper. Eastern Leopard Grasshopper ;DX FLORIDA: NONSMOKING: VAR Church Street Station, Orlando Florida ;DX VIRGINIA: FUNERAL: Peds crying outside church. 'Martinsville Church' sign. 'Jennifer's' desk. Balloons in graveyard ;DX GEORGIA: WEST NILE VIRUS: VAR captured mosquitoes. Man kicks bushes. Homeless man. Sign against virus ;DX MINNESOTA: STATE FAIR: Peds entering fair. Many cars. Peds in state fair ;DX SOUTH DAKOTA: WEST NILE VIRUS: VAR rustic neigborhood. Still: Older man. Water tower: 'Carthage'. Flying mosquitoes. Horses ;DX ILLINOIS: WEST NILE AT ZOO: Humidifier device. Man in lab;DX NEBRASKA: BARN COLLAPSE: Rubble of barn. Fire truck. Horse eating. Church glass ceiling broken out ;DX TEXAS: STADIUM: Aerial over stadium with ceiling open ;DX US: TRAPPED IN SUV: Wrecked SUV. Men in hard hats. VAR CUs of trash in/around SUV. Towing SUV up hillside ;DX US: POLICE VIDEO: POV Cop car: Ped drops from side of truck to beneath guard rail. See cop chase after ;DX MICHIGAN: WEST NILE: VAR working in lab. VAR Flamingos ;DX US: ROCK AND ROLL HONORS: VAR Black women singing. Poster of stamps w/ their faces on them ;DX US: FISHERMAN: CU Trash on ground. CU buoy on ground ;DX N. CAROLINA: PORNOGRAPHY ARREST: Interview w/ prisoner ;DX N CAROLINA: BUS ACCIDENT: Pickup truck crashed in back of school bus. CUs of damage done to truck ;DX GEORGIA: DELTA PARTNERSHIPS: Delta jet on runway ;DX FLORIDA: EXPLOSIVES DOCTOR: Cop holds assault rifle. LS Man in cuffs. Cop holding giant sniper rifle. Woman walks dog ;