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NEWSFEED: 3/2/2007 SOLDIERS IN IRAQ, SUPREME COURT, CALF RESCUE, BIG PROTEST AND RIOT IN GREECE, SOLDIERS GOING TO IRAQ ;IRAQ LATEST press conf, scenes of soldiers in Iraq- firing, running about, watching traffic, men carrying casket; Pelosi press conf, afternoon White House ;GA NTSB REENACTS ACCIDENT NX tour bus on fwy off ramp ;KENNEDY/THOMAS BUDGET HEARING ;JOHN POPPER ARRESTED still of weapons cache ;OH POLICE CHASE bad videotape Pov from police car...then a better video on a laptop screen ;NO TITLE Aerial animal control helping a big calf in an empty lot ;FEMININE CLASSES sort of a weird modeling school sort of class for adults ;MS NORTHROP CONTRACT REJECTED people on strike ;IN I-70 HUGE ROAD PROJECT NX Aerial fwy traffic, DX fwy traffic, fwy construction ;GREECE STUDENT RIOTS HS protesters throwing stuff at riot police...chaos, burning booth, even the pigeons are restless ;Dusk riot police put arrested man in bus ;3/9/1977 MUSLIM GROUP INVADES DC people outside bldg, police helicopter, ambulance ;NEW YORK 9 DEAD 2PM NX firefighter carrying kid, smoldering apt bldg, infant on gurney, Bloomberg, firefighters, anguished man ;FRIDGE TOSSES CAN OF BEER completely retarded. A machine launches a beer at a man watching sports on tv; GRAND CANYON GLASS WALKWAY a sort of loop projecting over the edge of the canyon, ugh, still under construction ;WA GYM TEACHER ASSAULT indoor basketball hoop, basketball on floor ;AZ FBI ON SPY ARREST...NX UPS bldg, suburban apt bldg; UT PLANE CRASH Aerial wreck among chaparral, investigators ;MA SURVIVOR HATCH CASE large courthouse ;TX US ARMY RESERVISTS NX soldiers boarding bus ;IL O'HARE COYOTE PROBLEMS airport ;