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NEWSFEED: 7/25-27/2006, MISSILE STRIKE IN PALESTINE, BIRD FLU VICTIM & VACCINE, AUTOMOBILE AUCTION, YATES TRIAL, POLICE IMPERSONATORS ;NO TITLE Andrea Yates trial scenes, standing for verdict ;MIDDLE EAST BOLTON ATTACKED speaking. GERALD FORD FILE George W.Bush holding Gerald Ford's hand ;MIDDLE EAST TYRE AIR STRIKES dark smoke rising, people search thru rubble, paramedics carry stretcher into bldg ;BIG MONEY CARS ON DISPLAY people looking at fancy cars. POWER CRISES QUEENS RESIDENT ;BIRD FLU THAI BOY DIES heavily covered medicos examining boy, man fumigating open pit, people in haz-mats drop sacks in pit ;BIRD FLU GLAXO HFN1 VACCINE bottles of vaccine, readying hypodermic needle, giving woman a shot, making vaccine ;HIGHWAY SHOOTING IN SUSPECT escorted by police. IRAQ SENATORS REACT IRAQ ;ISRAEL SENATORS REACT HEZBOLLAH. ANDREA YATES VERDICT trial scenes ;VA PONY SWIM spectators stand on misty green shore, wild ponies crossing channel ;BUSH LUNCH WITH TROOPS Bush arriving at some military base, shaking hands in cafeteria, whatta guy ;MI MEGA MARKDOWN ON MEGA HOUSE Int upscale house, mansion 'a home like this takes a special buyer'...special = rich ; MIDDLE EAST WOUNDED FROM TYRE STRIKE male nurse carrying child to x-ray table, wounded standing in dark corridor of hospital ;PAUL MCCARTNEY'S 1ST GUITAR 'Tabernacle', man holding guitar, reporters taking pictures ;7/27/1996 OLYMPIC BOMBING shock waves interrupt interview, NX paramedics among wounded, ambulance speeding away; 7/27/1953 KOREAN WAR ARMISTICE B/W. WWE WRESTLER VAN DAM either he has a 3-D bumper sticker or there's a bug in the corner ;ANDREA YATES TX MENTAL HEALTH ASSOC. FL LOBSTER MINI-SEASON MISHAPS boating accident aftermath ;Man pauses from yanking the tails off of live lobsters in order to tell us the thrilling details ;RUSTY YATES REACTS TO VERDICT. FL HOME INVASION bold burglars tie up woman (pretending to be police on a raid) ;NX 'For Rent' sign on fence, police chatting. BUSH WALSH CHILD PROTECTION ACT he signs it, (applause, applause), speech ;MS CHILD SHOT SUSPECT HEARING trial scenes, man in shackles escorted to van. TOUR DE FRANCE LANDIS WITHDRAWAL ;