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NEWSFEED: 8/12-22/05 PEACEFUL PALESTINIAN RALLY, ANTI-WAR PROTESTERS TX, GOOD 9/11 WTC, MODERN HOBOS, MILITARY FUNERAL, CA UNION PROTEST GAZA RALLY big crowd, Palestinian flags; Video cameras held above bustling crowd, old fellow under canopy making speech; GW BUSH DRIVES BY PROTESTERS presidential motorcade in countryside, going by anti-war protest, there's Sheehan, drive-by protest SEPTEMBER 11 TAPES 9/11/01 WTC collapse aftermath- new stuff, Alfredo Puentes, men searching thru rubble; IA HOBO CONVENTION contemporary hippie playing guitar, RR car going by slowly, man making potato soup NY MCNAUGHTON KILLED DX mourners watch pallbearers, funeral for police officer, Hillary Clinton, NYPD band, police attending SEPTEMBER 11 TAPES (audio) gruesome 911 tape or NYFD radio from 9/11/01 SRI LANKA FOREIGN MINISTER ASSASSINATED NX soldiers in jeep following motorcade, Emergency sign, guards around gate PAKISTAN BRITISH REACT TO KHAN IN COURT DX prisoner in handcuffs escorted past market, gateway, Int press conf CO NASA LOCKHEED MARTIN WATCH ORBIT Int people in auditorium watch rocket launch IRAN REACTIONS TO IAEA RESOLUTION protest march, men continuing chant under canopy, ayatollah sort of person speaking GA CARTER UNVEILS NUKE SUB Jimmy Carter watching submarine coming in, Carter & Rosalyn in submarine, Carter speech Sailors on top of submarine accompanied by tugboat or something OH CIFUENTES BODY RETURNS hearse with police escort, spectators with little flags along road EDGAR RAY KILLEN RELEASED wheelchair out of prison & into car A HIPPO SKIN INVESTIGATION hosing hippo in pool, people looking at zoo animal, CU hippo bathing, Int young hippo Research lab images- opening bottle, eyedropper, U.C. something...t/h with Nicholson-as-the-Joker smile, hippo at zoo SCHWARZENEGGER GOYETTE AFFAIR DX 2003 Schwarzenegger campaign rally, tabloid, a man with Keaton-as-Batman eyebrows Schwarzenegger shaking hands, signing bill, photo-ops with school children, at desk, speech ;IL SUPERCUTS LAWSUIT ha ha, estb Supercuts. SC MISSING WOMAN BOYFRIEND CHARGED photos, t/h AL SIX KILLED TRIAL handcuffed man going into bldg, attorneys, led back out into police car ;CA SUV FLIPS CAR CRUSHED Aerial accident aftermath on fwy, paramedics attend wounded, covering dead body, person on stretcher Aerial people standing outside stopped cars, hopeless traffic jam BUSH speaking before veterans, shaking hands, DX anti-war protest in Crawford, Sheehan ad, Chuck Hagel Iraq- soldiers in convoy, civilians drag scraps out of road, Iraqi politicians, Bush deplaning ;VFW CONVENTION SPEECH Bush speaking at Veterans of Foreign Wars convention, OH GROUP STAGES PROTEST demonstration against gas dependence, promoting walking & biking to work KYRGYZSTAN CRASH MINOR INJURY mountaineers watch helicopter trying to land...instead it crashes on glacier Burning helicopter crashed on snow CA SAME SEX MARRIAGE gay & lesbian weddings & a gay choral group on steps of City Hall, Rosie O'Donnell speaks CHOPPER HONORS 9/11 VICTIMS men working on motorcycle in garage, man riding customized motorcycle around UT OUTSIDE WHERE BUSH SPEAKS anti-war protest, Bush photo-montage IL AQUARIUM GETS DOLPHIN...a Stud Dolphin, Trainer feeding dolphin, petting dolphin. SEN KOHL ON ROBERTS'S HEARINGS; LEBANON EXPLOSION IN BEIRUT NX bombing aftermath, hole in wall, rubble, soldiers, fire engine, ambulance pulls up CA F-14 JET AT RONALD REAGAN LIBRARY delivering jet. CA WORKERS RALLY AT CONV CENTER union protesters gate-crash convention Restaurant lobbyists awaiting Schwarzenegger fundraiser lunch, Rolling Stones concert, protesters outside convention center IRAQ CONSTITUTION VOTE DELAYED. Olivia Newton John & John Travolta perform Boats in marina, charter boat Freedom. GEORGIA FLASH FLOODING flooded village, dog swimming, people wading
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