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NEWSFEED: 3/19-20/2006 GOOD CRIME SCENES, FIRES, L.A. MARATHON, STORM IN AUSTRALIA, FLOODING IN TEXAS ;RUSSIA HIT BY FALLING TUNNEL men look at damaged commuter train, emergency workers at train station ;IRAQ ALLAWI t/h. PAKISTAN BOMBS police inspecting bomb site. MIDDLE EAST GAZA FOOD SHORTAGES U.S. embassy; Men waiting outside shop, crowded market. VENEZUELA NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY naked crowd assembled for photo ;LOS ANGELES MARATHON Aerial L.A. marathon about to begin. KY T-SHIRTS AT INTERSECTION t-shirts hung in anti-war vigil ;MIDDLE EAST ISRAEL SENDS APPLES TO SYRIA truck on hwy, loading truck with produce. COLUMBIA DOG SHOW typical dog show ;AUSTRALIA CYCLONE LARRY Dusk & DX palms & banners in strong wind. AUSTRALIA t/h, collapsed sheet metal structure ;RI WAR PROTEST march to capital bldg. AFRICA LIBERIAL FEMALE PRESIDENT crowd waving flags, speech ;GA SHOOTING NX crime scene, police car at apt bldg, investigators questioning ;GA EBENEZER BAPTIST 120TH BIRTHDAY Jesse Jackson speaking. FL BRUSH FIRE firefighters hosing smoldering brush, wildfire ;TX HOMEOWNER KILLS INTRUDER NX crime scene, police cars outside house, investigators. BUSH MEETS NATO SEC GENERAL by fireplace ;ANDREA YATES FILE police car, in court, quadruple funeral. MI TIRE RECYCLING PLANT BURNS NX industrial fire, roaring flames ;UNITED KINGDOM HUMPHREY THE CAT kitty cat tapping at goldfish bowl, sitting by door, NX cat saunters past doorway ;Tony Blair shaking hands among happy crowd, photographers taking pictures of cat. BUSH ARRIVES Bush deplaning, chats, gets in limo; TX FLOODING Aerial flooded river, tractor trailer on flooded street, stalled car, structures surrounded by water, ducks ;MOUSSAOUI more courtroom sketches & 9/11/01. SCHUMER/LINDSAY IN CHINA t/h. FEMALE PHARAOH HETSHEPSUT ancient Egyptian artifacts ;CONDOLEEZZA RICE MEETS BAHRAIN PRINCE shaking hands. O'MALLEY/CARDINAL VICTIMS chalice during Communion, mass in cathedral; UNITED NATIONS IRAN COMMENTS NX men leaving bldg thru reporters. OK GAY RIGHTS MARCH solemn protest march ;MD APARTMENT FIRE Aerial burning apt bldg. MD VIGIL small anti-war protest ;