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NEWSFEED: 10/1-2/2005, CRIME SCENE IN TRAILER PARK, BOMBING IN BALI, GOOD WILDFIRE REACHING HOUSES, HISTORICAL, REPLICA GALLEON ;VT MCLAUGHLIN KILLED IN IRAQ stills, military funeral. CA THURMAN FIRE Air to Air helicopter drops water on small wildfire ;GA HOME INVASION yellow tape, coroners with body on gurney, crime scene in trailer park ;EL SALVADOR LANDSLIDE rescue workers crossing mud. NY CHILDRENS SERVICES t/h ;BALI BLAST mostly NX bombing aftermath. IRAQ US IMAGE Karen Hughes as ambassador ;LA FIRES Aerial wildfire near house on hill, dropping water, people watching fire in neighborhood, giving pizza to firefighter ;NX hazy wildfire, loose horses, shower of sparks. FL FUNERAL FOR OFFICER police pallbearers, gun salute, dove release ;WI PONY EXPRESS RETIREE middle-aged postal worker sorting mail, delivering mail from horse-drawn coach on last day ;DC AIRBORNE BACTERIA Dusk men toss football in park, DX 'Mobile Health Screening' van, woman jogging, frisbee ;OK UNIVERSITY BOMBING NX police dog, fire engine. BALI EXPLOSION tourists being evacuated, street scenes; Police investigate bomb site beach front restaurant. TAIWAN TYPHOON stormy coast, storm damage ;NO TITLE B/W Ghandi. BUSH ATTENDS RED MASS Bush leaving church with bishop, does he go anywhere without Condoleeza? ;CHINA TIGHTROPE over zoo animal pens, leopard, tiger, spectators, tightrope walker puts on blindfold, crosses backwards ;LONDON BOMBINGS surveillance still of suspect. POPE BENEDICT XVI saying mass, papal ring, bishops in white ;IRAQ INSURGENTS KILLED smoke rising, helicopter, scraps on roadside ;10/3/1981 IRISH PRISON STRIKE END Dusk prison, DX vigil, funeral, NX people flinging molotov cocktails ;10/3/1990 GERMANY REUNIFY German flag, parliament, protest, people throwing stuff at riot police, masked men shout ;10/3/1995 OJ SIMPSON ACQUITTED Simpson hearing verdict. KATRINA FRENCH QUARTER CHURCH SERVICE Int Catholic mass ;SWEDISH REPLICA 18TH CENTURY SHIP restaurant within, galleon at dock, leaving dock, amid flotilla ;IRAQ ROCKET ATTACKS Iraqi soldiers, crater, drone plane on ground, masked militants video ;BOMB SCENE motorcade, security, press conf, wreaths, bomb site in Bali. MEXICO HURRICANE OTIS cars on flooded streets ;Tow-truck rights jeep missing a wheel, lines in airport ;CA BODY PARTS IN A BAG 'We ran over it once, and then we reversed and we kind of hit it again.' ;