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NEWSFEED: 4/13-20/06, SOCCER RIOT, PROTEST MARCHES, EASTER CELEBRATIONS, IRISH REVOLT, FLOODED DANUBE, CRIME SCENE, IMMIGRATION ;MOIRE FANS RAMPAGE smoke rising outside of coliseum, riot police take crowd of fans in field, man in glass coffin ;Rowdy funeral procession, burning bus, firefighter hosing it down, broken windows on bldg ;NEPAL RALLY protest march, 'We Want Democracy' banner, riot police, rally. TX FUNERAL COSTS funeral director looks at price list; Coffins in showroom, coffin in chapel. LA FEMA TRAILER EXPLODES firefighters around charred RV type of trailer ;TX/SKILLING arriving at courthouse. PAKISTAN FUNERAL mourners around dead man wrapped in green, NX funeral procession; Pakistani soldiers on truck. NY IMMIGRATION RALLY protest march with U.S. flags and all sorts of international flags ;PA MEMORIAL flowers & stuffed animals left outside house. GUATEMALA EASTER PROCESSION purple hooded priests, incense; Procession carrying icons on huge platform, people using stencils to paint road, making mosaic out of produce ;SPOKANE IMMIGRATION RALLY PAINTERS FIRED Labor Temple, men sitting in hall (including that guy from 'Clerks') ;MI SOAP FACTORY FIRE firefighter on ladder hosing bldg, steam, charred sacks in truck, crane moving charred scraps ;4/15/1912 TITANIC SINKS B/W loading ocean liner, passengers on deck IRELAND RISING 90TH ANNIVERSARY B/W smoldering bldgs ;Commemorative stamp, plaque of names of men executed, Int old prison, military parade, protest; ROMANIA DANUBE FLOODING men sandbagging riverbank, bulldozer, rapids, people making way thru flooded streets ;Water bubbling up from storm drain, NX people rescue dog trapped under collapsed shed ;POLISH EASTER CELEBRATION handpainted Easter eggs on table, Easter bunny decorations, musicians ; WHITE HOUSE EASTER EGG ROLL FILE kids rolling eggs, model of Capitol bldg, Dole banana mascot; OH SMOKESTACK IMPLOSION pair of smokestacks just fall over, handfull of spectators ;PA DENTIST FOUND Dusk crime scene at house. FLOODING WATER-SKIING barricade along river, flooded RXR cars, traffic on flooded street ;Opportunist water skier & wake boarder being towed behind jeep. I'm sure they're breaking at least a couple laws ;US DEPT. SECRETARY. OF STATE COMMENT ON CHAD. EGYPT CHURCH ATTACK group of protesters in street ;NEW WINE TOOL CAPS BOTTLES 'Fritz Alpine Bistro', demonstrating device to make serving screw-capped wine more...whatever ;PAKISTAN DEMO AGAINST BOMBING guard, Islamic men praying, protesters with banners; IL MULTIPLE OVERDOSES RESPONSE Aerial police & paramedics outside apt bldg in poor neighborhood, auto mechanics shop ;IL GOOD FRIDAY MARCH Jesus impersonator carrying crucifix in procession, Stations of the Cross ;The men following himare carrying the historically accurate crossbeams. OK EASTER EGG HUNT FOR ADOPTED egg hunt at park ;TN BEAR ATTACK press conf at hospital. SC PLANT EXPLOSION cordoned-off badly damaged bldg, emergency vehicles in parking lot ; TN SEARCH FOR BEAR couple going down steps to lake, 'No Animals On Beach', cage bear trap on truck, 'Chilhowee Campground' ;4/21/1984 AIDS VIRUS IDENTIFIED research lab, press conf. 4/21/1995 MCVEIGH ARRESTED escorted to van ;4/21/2004 BASRA BOMB KILLS 74 massive car bombing, smoldering wreck. WI PINK PIG FLAP pig made from tank used as radio station ad ;DISTRACTED DRIVERS STUDY multiple cameras on driver & road, first driver rear-ends car ;IMMIGRATION RAIDS NX arrested man put in van, Int blurred-faced I.C.E. officer going down ladder to secret passage ;Early morning arrest, man frisked & handcuffed, checking passport, taking fingerprints, seized passports, checking green card ;