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NEWSFEED: 12/31-1/1/06, NEW YEAR 06, TIMES SQUARE, SYDNEY, TAIWAN, FIREWORKS BALL DROPS, POPE BENEDICT, GW BUSH, MUDSLIDES, FLOODS; AUSTRALIAN NEW YEAR: NX EXT reporter interviews local TV star, group gathers on stage, screen countdown, fireworks, happy new year;NX EXT lots of fireworks over Sydney harbor, this goes on for a few minutes, lots of music (fireworks to Barry White=brilliant); NX EXT continue with fireworks display, at least 3 sets of fireworks going on simultaneously over harbor;NX EXT grand finale of fireworks show, huge; CHINA: far different celebration with flags and a woman dancing on wires, women in blue sequined suits dance;INT lots of Taiwanese people gather on stage (not in English), screen in bg flashes w/imagery;NX EXT continue Taiwanese celebration, huge 24-hr clock on top of stage reads 24:59...;NX EXT countdown on building as signs w/each floor flash number, huge fireworks and confetti shoot out, crowd cheers;NX EXT fireworks shoot from skyscraper--looks like the building is exploding, crowds cheer, singer performs on stage;POPE: DX EXT Benedict addresses crowd at Vatican from his window (in Italian), crowd watches in rain (holding umbrellas); DX EXT Pope leads a prayer, crowd repeats and cheers, Pope Benedict continues reading speech;DX EXT huge bell ringing, Pope finishes his speech, waves arms to crowd, return to shot of bell, crowd at Vatican; TIMES SQUARE: ball drops, New year 2006 sign lights up, high angle of thousands of people cheering, confetti dropping; GW BUSH: int Bush comments to press on spying; IRAQ 2005: gunfire in Iraqi street, var shots of Iraqis casting/counting votes, T/H female reporter, huge Shiite protest;DX EXT more gunfire, soldiers count down to 2006, T/H US soldiers wants to go home, soldier waves to camera;FLOODING: DX EXT ugly brown water comes up to car height in small town, man rows across street, 2 people walk in flood, pontoon;PANDAS: DX EXT Chinese zookeepers hold lots of baby pandas, pandas crawling, climbing tree, rolling around; UK PARADE: New Years Parade in London, Big Ben, Garfield float, var T/H of people in attendance, ws marching band; MUDSLIDE: DX EXT tractors scoop up mud along CA highway;POLAR PLUNGE: DX EXT hundreds of freaky people run into freezing cold water, many immediately run out, woman holds 2006 sign; polar bear club winter plunge DX EXT one warm-blooded doofus swims around in freezing water, ship hoses water in lake;