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AMERICA/HENRY FORD INDUSTRIES 1900s THRU 1930s Henry Ford camping trip-man washing clothes on river bank, cooking, couple dancing, Ford hands rifle to John Burrows, ice skating with kids on frozen lake; planting garden with grandchildren, Ford & wife driving quadracycle, Ford's first car, Ford monkeying with steam engine, horse drawn farm equipment, Ford baling wheat, driving tractor (good farmer stuff-except he's wearing a suit & tie). Ten Millionth car beside first car. Steam engine locomotive train goes by. Ford examining material. Jalopy small town road. log cabin, two story house, watchmakers shop, people entering large house; 00:02:26 clock tower museum. Men cranking movie cameras filming football game, 1910's football game. Ford factory ext. Film processing, early movie making. WS countryside, crop fields. Farmers plowing land, tilling soil, baling wheat, harvesting wheat horse drawn combine, early farm machinery, people watch newfangled steam powered thresher or baler. Farm chores, housewife washing, milking cow, pumping water, churning butter while boy holds kitten, family reading by candlelight, trying to share kerosene lamp. 00:04:46 horse drawn wagon on muddy road. Wagon missing wheel. Country bumpkins kids walking to school, kids riding sleigh in winter, snowball fight, boys climbing tree. Train pulling into station, pov from train leaving station, train leaving station, pov from train crossing bridge; Washington D.C. city street scenes Pennsylvania Ave traffic, White House, INT White House; 00:06:28 outdoor market in Boston, street vendors in NYC, Italian immigrants. POV from el-train around NYC, Hippodrome. Tug boats. Upperclass passengers boarding ship, POV from boat New York Harbor, tugboats, Brooklyn Bridge, NYC skyline, battleship in harbor, ocean liners, skyline; 00:07:46 Flat Iron bldg. Faded Woolworth bldg (then tallest bldg in the world at 60 stories) peds & traffic on 5th Avenue, Riverside Drive. Grant's Tomb. Central Park, rowboats in pond. Coney Island amusement rides ('Lawsuit' written all over them), crowds frolicking on beach. Passengers coming off train, Atlantic City, elephant-shaped hotel, waves rolling in, amateur acrobats on beach, boardwalk. 00:10:24 Belle Isle Park, people canoeing in canal; woman plays piano; ice skating, professional couple ice skating. ice boats on frozen lake, toboggan sledding; auto racing; Buffalo Bill Cody, Buffalo Bill's Circus: American Indians dancing, bucking bronco; Woodrow Wilson throws first ball of baseball season, switcheroo: baseball player holding baseball autographed by president. 00:12:05 John Burroughs (old man sitting with little boy) cheering crowd. Luther Burbank; Thomas Edison; Edison w/Harvey Firestone; Joseph G. Canon; Will Rogers laughing, doing lasso trick; tourists admiring view at Glacier National Park (men seem to be arguing), wacky mtn climbing, man slips into crack in glacier; logging, felling trees; female factory workers, woman trying on hat, post office postal workers sorting mail, commercial laundry sweatshop, assembling wheels in Ford auto plant; leaving work, street scenes, trolleys; 00:16:06 Civil War veterans at camp, old men eating. World War One recruits at boot camp, soldiers training, tug-of-war, writing letters, eating in mess hall; Wilson, huge cheering crowd, Teddy Roosevelt; Military parade, American flags in parades, recruiting efforts; soldiers training with bayonets, calisthenics; female workers in engine factory (pre-Rosie the Riveter smiles at camera), Henry Ford war profiteer, battleship construction shipyard 'Eagle Boat', launching boat;00:19:43 experimental tank, tank stuck in trench. Military parade in Detroit, recruits marching, soldier smiling at camera, soldier holding puppy, soldier holding mini U.S. flag, sending the boys off to war. Experimental small tanks, tank overturned trying to cross barbed wire fence. Large tank busts thru old house. Lots of U.S. flags in parade. Early fighter plane, Martin Bomber. 00:22:14 Eddie Rickenbacker. Manufacturing planes (flying boats, see 1034!) Shipyard workers smiling at camera. Red Cross girl handing out _____; man shaving w/ straight edge, soldiers hanging out in barracks. Recruits on train, recruits leaving for Europe, battleship leaving harbor; Men righting overturned tank. 00:23:59 Lord Northcliff British diplomat driving tractor. Military parades, cheering crowds. Woman holding liberty bonds, people buying bonds. Crowded street, celebrating end of war, waving flags. Washington D.C. parade- cavalry, Warren G. Harding, General Black Jack Pershing, funeral procession for Unknown Soldier; 00:25;24 cars on rough, bumpy road, bad road, car stuck in mud, tow-truck pulling truck out of mud. Cars board ferry, ferry crossing river; road construction; cars on cement highways. Model-T car over hill, down embankment, crosses through river, through snow, on railroad tracks, on pipeline; Model T auto mfg, Ford factory (Highland Park Plant) new cars leaving factory, auto dealership, auto mechanic. Car in front of farmhouse, woman driving. 00:28:29 Truck picking up produce, dropping off cans of milk, trucks on highway, postal truck, row of trucks pulling out. Sunday drivers on highway (Columbia River Highway) car stopping in middle of bridge to enjoy view, cars driving thru tunnel, car drives thru tunnel cut in sequoia, car on bumpy road. 00:29:38 person feeding bear from car. Camping trip, picnic, women picking flowers picking wildflowers. Men sleeping in car. More Ford and his Pals on camping trip: Harding arriving in motorcade, Harvey Firestone, Ford chopping wood, men reading newspaper, Edison taking nap, Harding tries to chop wood, Edison Harding & Ford reading newspaper; 00:31:25 salesman showing man tractor, tractor plowing field; housewife does laundry with early washing machine, early vacuum machine, young woman washes face, old woman knitting while machine churns butter; city traffic, peds & traffic T/L traffic, peds. Cars parked along street, policemen direct traffic, kids crossing street, policeman saves woman from getting run over, traffic director in tower; 00:33:24 parade promoting driving safety (the Grim Reaper on float); kids playing right in the middle of busy street. Dramatization of kid getting hit by car, cart gets hit by streetcar, auto accidents w/ peds, man gets hit by car (backing up!), kid gets crushed by block of ice from ice truck, man jumps onto running board. City traffic, this might be San Francisco with trolleys, heavy traffic on residential street. 00:34:35 trolleys & Angel's Flight type trams, heavy traffic; Spirit of St. Louis, Charles Lindbergh; 1930'S early passenger flight, passEngers board plane, Stout Airlines, plane takes off, mother and little boy look out through window, Air to Air passenger plane. Supreme court building; PRELUDE TO WAR