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KIDS AND PARENTS TOGETHER, REALISTIC FAMILY SCENES, HIGH SChOOL KIDS, LITTLE LEAGUE CROWD FILLED W/PARENTS; DX toddler walking with parents on sidewalk of neighborhood, toddler playing. interview w/mom, interview w/dad; DX NYC peds & traffic LS of street, Fedex truck, busy street. Peds on sidewalk. INT man placing paper pattern on floor. Women in office, woman speed reading. Mother & daughter walking in park, winter clothes. Woman in office talking on phone, hangs up phone. Man in office hangs up phone. more interviews; DX POS sports utility auto parking, businessman going to work wearing suit & overcoat. INT dif man arriving in office. Man in office shaking hands with clients. more men in suits, more interviews. DX Track woman walking across parking lot; DX Track parents pushing stroller 01:05:33 family going for a walk. mom carrying baby in nursery. Mother carrying baby in kitchen. Parents take turns feeding baby, MS baby in highchair (cheerful baby). Baby peeking in drawer baby on floor watching dad shaving; WS family leaving house together in the rain. dad carrying baby to daycare/babysitter's house (Halloween decorations on house). Woman in office dialing phone. Calender with schedule. Woman walks thru corridor into office, woman using computer. DX car pulling up in residential zone, mother picking up baby from day care. Father coming home, picks up the mail & goes inside house. INT pots & kettle on stove. Baby on floor, mother making dinner, father holding baby. Father putting baby food in bowl, baby opening cupboards under sink (!) family having dinner 01:11:22 MS baby sitting on floor staring into space. Mother washing dishes. Dusk/early morning mother leaving house, father holding baby in doorway. Father playing with baby in nursery. Women in office chat while working. more interview; DX MS woman gives toddler a little piece of food, kid bundled up winter clothes, toddler looking thru fence. Couple standing on porch talking, pointing at something across the street. Adopted child, interracial family-father & son playing chess. Father wakes up son, dad getting kid out of bed. Senior woman cooking. Father & son sitting at breakfast table chatting. Old woman serving breakfast. Father & son leaving for work/leaving for school grandma sees them off (three generations) DX father & son walking to school. VAR household knickknacks: school crafts, portraits, police officer's badges in frame. Grandma & grandson coming home from school, grandma nagging kid. Man putting sports coat on hanger, taking off tie (home from work). Senior woman making dinner. 01:18:10 father helping son with homework. Senior woman making mashed potatoes. Kid concentrating on homework, CU hand writing with pencil. Three generations family at dinner table father serving food. Father & son playing chess & HS playing foosball. Father & son reading before bed, father tucks in bed & kisses goodnight, grandma kissing goodnight. DX man pulling baby in little cart. Naughty baby peeking in drawer. Three generations-grandpa mother & daughter looking under hood of car & walking across street var shots of family playing; MS of brother and sister looking over fence (little league) both run away eagerly. 01:20:53 cheering sports fans enthusiastic parents in crowd watching a little league baseball game. Boy & girl looking disappointed, MS boy holding catcher's mitt. Parents cheering. Father arriving late for little league game, dad and son not good relations ; MS of two females in office. Boss talking to pair of female office workers. African American woman at desk making phone call. Dif woman at desk makes short phone call. Woman at little league game getting paged, woman looks at pager, more parents in bleacher; EXT DX black woman on cell phone and lap top computer. Women in office. Man at home office telecommuter making =hone call, kid bugging his father while he's on the phone more interview; DX father and son playing soccer on field, more interview. Dusk/DX nice L-Shot skyscraper. INT women in office using computer. DX downtown peds on sidewalk; 01:29:53 man in office real estate agent. Man feeding baby. DX Low angle Pan high rises Track bird flying by. Father wakes up daughter. Father pouring cereal, brings daughter breakfast in bed. dad feeding pet iguana. Father & daughter walking to school walking down street; dad working at home maybe clothing designer looking at pattern. MS Man waiting at bus stop, father meets daughter & walks her home. Pre-teen girl doing homework. Father & daughter watching tv snuggling on couch (?) home work; 01:33:48 DX high school kids getting out of school, teens leaving school. Parents watch toddler playing on tiny jungle gym. Teens getting into car. High school kids going home, some with musical instruments band practice.Grandfather and granddaughter sitting on park bench together; Some repeats...kid is wearing Mighty Ducks baseball cap. Senior woman in kitchen putting away dishes, very small kitchen. DX good WS el-train elevated train with automobile traffic in FG You can see flashes of electricity under the train. Repeat. More parents & toddler playing on small plastic jungle gym. WS high school kids walking away from school, could be junior high