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NEWSFEED: 7/21-25/05, HEIGHTEN SECURITY @ SUBWAY STATIONS AFTER 2ND LONDON BOMBINGS, WILDLIFE TRIES TAKE BACK SUBURBS, UNION SPEECHES LONDON BOMBINGS BLOOMBERG PATAKI REAX speeches. LONDON BOMBINGS NYC READ NX subway entrance, Int subway station MS 29 YEAR-OLD FACES CHILD MURDER prefab house (the word 'backwoods' comes to mind), Int woman in handcuffs led by ;Accused woman cleverly hides her face behind her long hair, DX arrested woman sits in police car WILLIAM WESTMORELAND SC CASKET ARRIVAL officers carry flag-draped coffin from hearse, flag at half-mast LONDON BOMBINGS BOSTON SUBWAY REAX DX Track policeman going downstairs to subway, Int subway station, train going by; DRUNKEN PILOTS FILE trial scenes, passenger plane at terminal, arrested men, trial, surveillance camera bar, trial ;LONDON POLICE AT HOSPITAL BOMB SNIFFING DOGS yellow tape, angry police, dog checking balcony and sidewalk ;7/21/1994 O.J. SIMPSON PLEAS NOT GUILTY lawyers & police squeeze thru press, trial ;LONDON ARREST person on ground- nobody seems to notice except one police officer pointing a rifle at him, man rises, arrested ;7/22/2003 SADDAMS SONS KILLED soldiers firing at bldg, man wearing headshawl, Iraqi official at podium ;IA TEEN GIRLS KILLED IN CRASH automobile accident aftermath, very smashed cars, ambulance, medivac, stopped cars ;SD SOLAR CAR RACE tiny solar powered car flanked among U.S. flags & spectators ;LONDON BOMBINGS HOBOKEN NJ REAX DX police with dog outside subway entrance, Int officer with machine gun next to ticket machine ;Int subway station, man buying ticket, turnstiles, DX officer waiting by subway entrance ;NYC SUBURBS REAX DX soldiers in fatigues guarding entrance to White Plains Station ;PENN STATION GRAND CENTRAL REAX Int station, people buying tickets, police with dog, crowd coming from subway ;DRUG SMUGGLING TUNNEL this is really fascinating but there's a DEA FOOTAGE bug ;HOMELAND SECURITY CHERTOFF HEARING reporters kneeling on floor to get desk level shots of Chertoff, Q & A ;TN SWELTERING WEATHER MID-SOUTH digital thermometer on billboard says 102 degrees, traffic thru heat waves, pyramid ;Fountains coming from sidewalk in courtyard, lone teen playing with fountain, lone businessman walking down sidewalk ;MI SQUIRREL SPARKS 10 ACRE FIRE charred patch, CUs of fire engine, firefighter spraying trees ;The squirrel was electrocuted by transformer & fell thus igniting brush. Squirrels certainly are dangerous. So are turkeys! WILD TURKEYS A MENACE turkeys perched on fence, pecking at lawn, turkey chick, turkeys invade suburbia ;BEAR TRAPPED (this wouldn't be the first time) bear cub reaching out of tube shaped trap, yet another animal trespasser ;IL SEIU PRESIDENT speech on decline of Unions. IL HOFFA NEWS CONF ;PA ARUBAN POLICE IN PHILADELPHIA Int crime lab or something, matching shell markings ;IN GUARDSMAN CHARGED idyllic military grounds, U.S. flag outside old house, American Legion sign, DX & Int bar & grill ;NJ TO BA SMOKING IN CARS DX hand holding cigarette (patio), driver holding cigarette, drivers on cell phones; Cigar shop (check out this guys eyebrow twitching!) U.S. CASUALTY MN OPSKAR still of Marine, still of hockey team ;IA BIKE RIDER KILLED IN FREAK ACCIDENT fallen tree on house, tandem bike next to tent spawling in wind, urban campers pack up SC MISSING FISHERMEN RESCUED people finish praying. NM BEAR CAPTURED bear in cage, cage on trailer behind p/u ;SOLAR PARKING METERS men ceremoniously uncover parking meter. PA CHENEY CAMPAIGNS FOR CONGRESSMAN speech, buffet chef; IL AFL-CIO PRESIDENT SWEENEY speech. WI GOVERNOR DOYLE SIGNS BUDGET Dx signing papers surrounded by children, speech ;WI WEED LONG AIR SHOW interesting planes, crowd at fair. CA SCHWARZENEGGER ON SCHOOL OBESITY Int speech, chatting with kids
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