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NEWSFEED: 2/19/07 POOR AERIAL FREEWAY ACCIDENT & TRAFFIC JAM, JETBLUE COUNTER AT AIRPORT, MTN CLIMBER RESCUE, HILLARY CLINTON, RIVER RESCUE ;MULTI VEHICLE ACCIDENT MIAMI Aerial accident aftermath- several wrecked cars on fwy, bad feed, officer letting cars pass singly ;Aerial traffic jam- backed up for quite aways. RUSSIA BIRD FLU snow covered village, woman takes chicken from grocery bag; Factory, Int cardboard boxes on conveyor belt, chicken dressing plant - dead birds hanging from conveyor ;JETBLUE BOSTON DELAYS passenger bringing luggage to counter, unhappy customer ;OH JET BLUE COLUMBUS AIRPORT snowy tarmac, Jetblue counter, flight schedule ;MOUNT HOOD CLIMBERS NX mtn climbers (or rescuers) walk past in snowfall, Aerial snow covered mtn, people on mtn ;IRAQ US TROOPS/SECURITY OPERATION soldiers raiding house, standing on guard, kids watching, Iraqi soldiers, convoy ;Soldier standing with machine gun (a curious donkey nearby), civilians try to talk with soldier ;SC HILLARY CLINTON APPEARANCE campaign rally. NC TRAIN VS TRUCK Aerial truck hit by cargo train, not much to it ;RIVER RESCUE Aerial rescue workers along road, this might be campers stranded in island, its very pale ;POSSIBLE RIVER RESCUE better image, Aerial campers taking down tent on narrow island not far from the bank...Rescue vehicles along road, readying raft...rescue worker easily crosses river with rope...