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NEWSFEED NOV. 14-16, 1998, IRAQ, PINOCHET, MALAYSIA, PEACE CON, ISRAEL, W.BANK, South KOREA, DESERT STORM SOLDIERS, UN UNITED NATIONS HUMANITARIAN AID ;NX IRAQ/VAR: bride and groom celebrating, family clapping, groom talking head, DX traffic, peds on street, women in black robes; DX IRAQ: cont'd, peds buying newspaper at stand, man smoking, reading paper, CU of Saddam Hussein on front page; DX IRAQ: cont'd United Nations bldg. w/flag and barbed wire in fg, CU United nations blue flag, worker puts license plate on truck; DX IRAQ: cont'd man ties United Nations flag to antenna of truck, NX United Nations planes taxi on runway, MS pilots in cockpit; DX IRAQ: cont'd U.N officials depart from plan, press taking pictures, EST hotel, officals in lounge, AERIAL U.S aircraft carrier; DX IRAQ: cont'd LS deck of U.S aircraft carrier w/jets lined up, pilots in aircraft, witicisms scrawled on missile writing on missiles by crew members; p DX IRAQ: cont'd missles being loaded on jets, var aircraft carrier, radar screen England's house of representatives; DX IRAQ: cont'd John Major of England gives speech in front of parliament, M1 Abrams tanks in dessert, U.S soldiers on tanks; DX PINOCHET: peds on street, officals around table, talking head, cameraman, EST Grovelands hospital, guards in fg ; DX VAR MIDEAST: local neighborhood, Foreign Affairs sign/bldg, officals in meeting, Arafat w/press, Israel parliament bldg; DX MID EAST: cont'd Israeli president speech in front of parliment, talks to press, investigators survey two cars in ravine; DX MALAYSIA: FORUM pan across attendees at tables, Al Gore speech, crowds, shakes hands w/diplomats; DX LEBANON/ISRAEL: SOLDIERS helicopter lands, military vehicles, soldiers take body from truck, troops transport injured to heli; DX ISRAEL: cont'd, helicopter takes off and shoots anti-missle flares, humvee drives to gate, three emergency vehicles w/flashing lts; DX ISRAEL: cont'd, bloody victim wheeled into hospital; NX VAR/METEOR: meteor shower w/trees in fg; DX IRAQ: MONITORS U.N C-130 aircraft lands in desert, officals depart aircraft meet w/press, board buses, drive past Saddam billboard; DX IRAQ: cont'd, U.N. vehicles arrive at base camp, workers unload luggage, talking head,U.N. guard at entrance of base w/sign in bg; DX KUWAIT: WAR PLANES, C-130 transport plane takes off, French Torando combat jet takes off, F4 freedom fighter, tower; DX S.AFRICA: TORNADO, debris and lightning around houses, funnel tornado in sky, tornado moves past cameraman skipping along ground; DX S.AFRICA: cont'd, aftermath of tornado debris and wreckage; DX MALAYSIA: SUMMIT, Al Gore w/bodyguards,VAR summit officals, Gore talks to press, girl puts U.S/MAlaysia flags on cars; DX MALAYSIA: cont'd, huge summit conference room, Malaysia rep talks, VAR reps around conf, protesters burn flags, skyscrapers at NX; NX TURKEY/VAR: EXTRADITION, two men pour gasoline on themselves and set, IMOLATE, SET SELVES ON FIRE ignite themselves on fire, both run around in street ;DX TURKEY: cont'd protesters on snowy landscape, holding signs, peds in street, officals at meeting, German police w/protesters ;DX TURKEY: cont'd EST of prison, man in guard tower, cars drive thru protesters, Turkish officals arrive meeting, CU flag;DX JERUSALEM WESTBANK: PEACE CONF, Arafat arrives, German flag, Arafat shakes hands w/officals, speech, Netanyahu arrives, EXT highrise; DX IRAQ/EGYPT: MONITORS warships, UN entrance, U.N vehicles arrive, officals load up trucks w/equip, workers get off bus; DX IRAQ: cont'd forklift downloads equip, EST govt bldg., officals get into car, local traffic, peds, sick children in hospital; DX IRAQ: cont'd U.S. warships pull into harbor, submarine; p DX JERUSALEM/W.BANK: REACTION/WALL, peds hike up hill, talking heads local police arrest citzens, military vehicles, offical office ;DX W.BANK: cont'd tractor clears rock/gravel, officlas arrive at hotel talk to press, WS local citzens go to Wailing Wall and pray ; DX MALAYSIA: APEC WRAP, officals meet public and press w/Al Gore, stand next to podium as Gore gives speech, local butcher/peds on street; DX MALAYSIA: cont'd huge conf. officals give speeches, press, officals sign contract, Gore gets into limo, secret service agent; DX USA: CLINTON gives speech on White House lawn, walks away w/two men afterward; DX S.KOREA: TOUR, officals arrive at airport, talking head, people on cruise ship waving, helicopter lands, AERIAl fireworks seen from boat; DX S.KOREA: cont'd Clinton speech ;