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PROTESTERS, VOTING RALLIES, WEST BANK VIOLENCE, ELECTRIONS, PLANE CRASH, HUGE CROWDS, MICK JAGGER, ARAFAT; DX USA, diplomats from Africa come off plane, walk down red carpet, greet more diplomats in bldg; DX SCOTLAND aerial view of Lockerbe aftermath of plane caused by a bomb, policeman walks by crashed wreckage, cockpit; DX PANAMA interview w/Manuel Noriega, and drug lords Escobar, est of prison, fences and road signs, gate to prison; DX THAILAND wooden house, road leading to house, NX guys on motorcycles meet on dirt road, est bldg. guys look at maps; DX THAILAND cont. man on cell phone, motorcycle engine; DX North KOREA huge crowd of protesters, soldiers stand in formation, crowds hold up banners, president gives speech, large crowds ; DX-NORTH KOREA cont protesters stand in unison, diplomats look over crowd, man gives speech, woman at podium, more crowds; DX-KOREA cont. diplomats stand side by side over looking prostesters, thousands of protesters stand in square; DX-VENEZUELA attractive blond woman gives interview, the wife of a important politician, husband then gives interview; DX-TAIWAN large crowds at voting polls, fire works, waving signs, ballot boxes, poster of candidate on side of bldg; DX TAIWAN cont. crowds in street, politicians family wave at crowd, fireworks; DX CAMBODIA defectors, Russian Hind helicopters land in grassy field, soldiers walk on grass, Colonel shakes hands w/troops; DX CAMBODIA cont. military and diplomats have meeting, Cambodian officals sit around table in jungle; DX VENEZUELA elections, large metropolitian city, voters in line, soldiers stands at door, voters put in ballots; DX VENEZUELA cont. Jimmy Carter shakes hands and gives interview, attractive blond woman votes, and gives interview p; DX VENEZUELA cont. politician pushes through crowd, other candidate waves at crowds, talks to press, kids run along van in street; DX INDONESIA church rally, church looks bombed, burned out church, crowds, soldiers in riot gear, broken out window on van; DX INDONESIA cont. part of church roof burning, crowds of people in warehouse shouting, officals, woman stands up and speaks; DX FRENCH GUIANA rocket on launch pad, control rm., NX rocket pad, man in control room, NX rocket launched; DX PINOCHET PROTEST, protesters on side of road w/banners and posters, man gives interview, crowds in bg; DX PRISONERS VARIOUS muslim woman fill room, hold pictures of man, male gives interview, Arabic men under canopy in desert; DX PRISIONERS cont. Arafat gets out of car and greets people, gives int. compound, prisoners behind barbed wire; DX VENEZUELA landslide, metropolitian city, local traffic on streets, newspaper stand, peds read newspaper, local peds; DX WEST BANK soldiers on street w/ fire in fg people throw rocks at troops, soldiers DX WEST BANK peds on street carrying banners, police attack protesters, Israel president talks to press; DX WEST BANK parliment bldg. senators, speeches, Albright; DX RUSSIA YELTSIN Black Mercedes sedan parked in front of hotel snowing, Yeltsin shakes hands w/man, conference, man at podium; DX RUSSIA AZIZ yellow bldg w/snow, diplomats walk into large white room and sit down, sit down at press table, two men greet; DX INDONESIA unrest people trying to destroy bldg, bldg crashes down, police come and arrest people, peds ride on truck; DX INDONESIA cont huge crowd in bldg rallying, people crowd the streets; DX UK FILE JAGGER GIRL, jumbo jet taxis onto tarmac, girl walks through airport gets into van, large warehousew party; DX UK/FILE JAGGER cont. Mick Jaggers wife Jerry and baby show up to reception w/ baby and girl/man friends, band arrives; DX UK cont. Rolling Stones meet public, walk onto stage; DX VARIOUS mideast, rioters through stones, police chase, car shot by bullets, man in hospital bed, people on streets; DX MIDEAST Arafat police march on street w/ hooded masks, helicopters in the air, two shot of men at table, rioters in the street; DX WHITE HOUSE senators raise their hands in court, parliament bldg. speeches, Bill.Hilliary board plane. Air Forcce One Takes Off; DX RUSSIA, UK HOSTAGES lonely road side w/ one car, Russian soldiers in front of bldg. ruins in city ;