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NEWSFEED: 7/8-7/10/2005 CONDOLENCE BOOK SIGNING, GW BUSH, PRINCE WILLIAM, GOV. PATAKI, HUMAN SHIELD BABY, SUSIE PENA SHOOTING ;DX-INT: GW Bush signs condolence books for London Terrorist attack, sits desk signs book, at British Embassy, offers prayers ;DX-EXT: CUBA, Hurricane Dennis approaches Havana, boats lifted out of harbor to safety, bldgs boarded up, swimmers rescued ;DX-EXT: SOLAR CAR, teams and ultra modern solar cars at start of race, cars pass thru the starting portal, nothing on actual race ;DX-INT: CA, Catherine Zeta-Jones, stalker sentenced, judge sentences African American female, dark int of courtroom; DX-EXT: LA, preps for Hurricane Dennis, boarding up doors/windows, fill up at gas station, traffic on roadways, press conf ;NX-EXT: IL, Boat Crash accident, flashing lights, police with flashlights search area, night doesn't show much; DX-EXT: FL, Key West, Hurricane Dennis preps, board up doors/windows, people at airport, boats locked down, t/h about coming storm ;DX-EXT: CA, SEIZED WEAPONS DESTRUCTION, press conf, pile of guns, blast furnace, piles of guns, speech by sheriff ;DX-INT: DC, GW BUSH, with British Ambassador goes to embassy signs the condolence book (repeat), for London Bombings ;DX-EXT: CA, Missing Scout found in woods, search party images, forest, horseback, hikers, helicopter, various; DX-EXT: CO, Mason wildfires, burning, smoke, trees on fire, helicopter, burned trees, aerial fire retardant drops ;DX-EXT: LA, Hurricane Dennis, people head north to escape, ext. rec center, emergency shelter, empty gyms ;DX-EXT: FL, Officials shutdown keys, Hurricane Dennis, talking heads, lots of press conference officials type ;DX-EXT: AL, church fire, racially motivated, smoldering fire, smoke, t/h about the fire ;DX-INT: London, bombings, Il Gov.Blagojevich signs mourning book, after terrorist bombings, people searching for missing relatives ;DX-INT: NYC Harlem, Luther Vandross funeral, choir, coffin, celebrities, EPK Vandross, cu of coffin, single white rose ;DX-EXT: NYC St. Paul's ringing of bell for London bombing victims of terrorist attacks ;DX-INT: NYC Gov Pataki signs memorial book for London bombing victims, gives speech, ringing of the bell ;DX-EXT: CONN, Man/missing on honeymoon cruise, in Turkey George Smith IV, family liquor store, cruise ships, photos ;DX-EXT: CUBA, man throws life preserver, tries to rescue swimmer, people drowning, Castro speaks, wind, rain, blowing palms ;DX-INT: PRINCE WILLIAM, signs memorial book in New Zealand, for London bombing victims, shakes hands officials, prayer swim meet; DX-INT: PRINCE WILLIAM, throws in ball at water polo meet, after moment silence for bombing victims, throws in ball/blows whistle ;DX-EXT: NYC, aftermath London attacks, police presence at the train, subway stations NY, Gov. Pataki, rides the subway ;DX-EXT: IN, Seniors to pose nude, paparazzi, t/h seniors posing nude to save the courthouse, selling calendars ;DX-EXT: CA, police patrol armed, search trains and ferries, harbor patrol after London bombings, San Pedro, Port of Los Angeles ;DX-INT: CA, Islamic groups praying, and talking about the London bombing attacks ;DX-EXT: TWO AIR SHOW PLANES COLLIDE, flaming plane crashes to earth, smoke and flames ;DX-EXT: CA, police shootout Susie Pena, human shield, police shootout footage, police in street run to camera, SWAT ;DX-EXT: CA, police shootout, police behind cars crouched, Susie Pena, human shield baby and father shootout ;