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NEWSFEED: 7/6/05, G8 SUMMIT, AND LONDON BOMBING AFTERMATH AERIALS OF ALDGATE STATION, CITY, TRAFFIC, AND G8 SUMMIT LEADERS QUESTIONS ;DX - EXT - police patrol sports stadium in London, riot gear helmets, police vans, armed riot police patrol area ;DX - EXT - police presence for G8 summit, guards at roadblocks wearing riot GEAR and carrying riot shields ;DX - EXT - helicopter in sky, pull back to ground shot police presence at roadblock set up for G8 summit, standing around bored ;DX - EXT - police officer walks attack dog on leash, wearing riot gear, casual saunter about, police standing about ;DX - EXT - police vehicle, and officers in riot gear standing around perimeter G8 summit area, boring no action ;DX - EXT - police standing around vehicle, talking, pan of car, can't see action thru glass ;DX - EXT - police standing around leaning on riot shields, in full gear and helmets ;DX - INT - Tony Blair, GW Bush, at G8 summit, Bush thanks Blair for hosting event, they take questions ;DX - INT - GW Bush answers questions, Gleneagles 2005 bg ;DX - INT - GW Bush talks about the summit and the possible outcome of G8 summit conference...hydrogen INITIATIVE ; DX - INT - Tony Blair, on energy consumption, dialogue for G8 summit ;DX - INT - GW Bush and Tony Blair, answers questions from reporters regarding China purchase of oil company in US ;DX - EXT - London, aerial, double decker busses, bldgs, aftermath of bombings, aerials office bldgs, etc, no damage to be seen ;DX - EXT - London, aerials after bombing, crowds people standing around waiting to be evacuated by police, helicopter views ;DX - EXT. aerial London after bombing, fire, police vehicles on street, at train station entrances, calm, people mill about ;DX - EXT. aerial, firemen carry victim from tunnel bombing London, stretcher, EMS pulls up, wounded on ground by bldg ;DX - EXT. Aldgate Station, London, EMS, Police, wounded after bombing attack, triage area, no frantic activity, pretty calm ;DX - EXT. Aldgate Station, London, pull back aerial to see wider view of triage and EMS, police activity after bombing ;DX - EXT. Aldgate Station, London, Triage tents being erected, aerial shots from helicopter of after bombing activity ;DX - EXT. Aerials pull back and fly over London after terrorist bombings, sparse traffic out of city ;DX - EXT. Silvio Berlusconi, greeted by Tony Blair on steps of Gleneagles shake hands pose for pictures ;DX - EXT. G8, Junichiro Koizami, Japan, greeted by Tony Blair, handshake, pose for pictures ;DX - EXT. another official and another handshake G8 ;DX - EXT. GW Bush meets and shakes hands with Tony Blair, pose for pictures; DX - EXT. Vladmir Putin, Russia, meets and shakes hands with Tony Blair, at G8 summit start, pose for pictures ;DX - EXT - London aerial, aftermath of bombings, Aldgate Station, EMS, police presence, push in to wounded helped on street ;DX - EXT - London aerials, victim of bombing loaded into ambulance, police presence, stretchers, lots of pull outs ;DX - EXT - London aerials, victims, more loaded into waiting EMS/ambulance, police and help on street below; DX - EXT - London aerials, after terrorist bombing, activity on street, EMS and police, various ;DX - EXT - same shots of London bombing aftermath and rescue at Aldgate station ;