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NEWSFEED: 11/15-18/05, SCHWARZENEGGER, GW BUSH CHINA, CONDI RICE, WILDFIRES, CAR BOMBS, PILLOW FIGHT, BIRD FLU, OZZY OSBOURNE, CAR CHASE;CAR BOMB: news report from Kashmir about local car bomb shows lots of debris, aftermath-Arabic AL JAZEERRA crawl on screen;CONDOLEEZA RICE: in China, var shots of Asian dignitaries speaking, T/H Condi Rice gives speech as dignitaries listen;INT Condi poses with OPEC OIL ministers in photo op, shakes hands;GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER IN CHINA: INT Arnold gives huge speech to Chinese audience discussing California's benefit;STORM DAMAGE: NX EXT lots of debris in front lawn after storm, fallen tree, T/H good ole' boy, 50s, recalls storm;BAD WEATHER: NX EXT light snow on street, sweeper drives at high speed, peds walk in rain, sweeper drives past camera, spreads salt;NX EXT American flag at night, WS flag;ROLLING STONES CONCERT: news segment regarding noise levels at SBC park disturbing neighbors, T/Hs neighbors complain;WHALES: aerial of whale swimming in Peugeot Sound, T/H researcher, lots of orcas swimming in ocean;GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER: gives speech regarding California products along w/Maria, fashion show, guests conversing;IRAQ: lots of mud on highway overpass, debris from vehicle attack, chopper flies overhead, tanks, hummers firing;BIRD FLU: Asian news report on human deaths from flu, Asian crawl, workers in CHEMICAL suits decontaminate area, WHO member;KOFI ANAN: deplanes plane, shakes hands with dignitaries, walks along tarmac, gives speech regarding Asian tsunami;WOMAN MARRIES 15 YEAR OLD: detention center, still photo of woman, var shots of trashy neighborhood, T/H locals react;RECORD PILLOW FIGHT: INT hundreds of people with nothing better to do whack each other with pillows;CAR FIRE: NX EXT aerial of burning car as hoses try to extinguish it, efforts look successful as white smoke appears;Continue watching as fire is completely put out, firemen start to surround truck, keep watching for another 10 minutes;IRAQ: INT Iraqi man shouting (not in English), sounds really mad; GAZA: armed soldiers in ski-masks march in formation, women look confused, leaders give speeches (in Arabic), music plays;BUSH: GW Bush and Laura visit Buddhist temple, walks past monks playing instruments, rings gong, women applaud;VOLCANO: moody stills of active volcano in Columbia, aerial of nearby town, smoke and ash in street, kids stand by, more smoke;DX EXT Columbian man gives speech in Spanish to locals, (translation-a volcano is about to erupt, let's get the hell out);BIRD FLU: workers in CHEMICAL suits inspect car, Asian chicken facility, WHO worker gives press briefing in English; OZZY OSBOURNE: EXT rockers arrive to pay tribute to Ozzy, Ozzy on red carpet, performs on stage; CAR BOMB: Arab men surround destroyed car on roadside, shattered windshield, Iraqis chant, protest, T/H Arab man in suit (English);CAR CHASE: NX aerial-just your average LA police pursuit until car SLAMS into guardrail and skids across highway, cops approach car; CAR BOMB: security video of van pulling up and EXPLODING;CASTRO: INT Fidel speaks to adoring crowd;JORDAN: THOUSANDS of people protest, lots of signs in Arabic held, chanting, clapping, shouting; CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES: NX aerial of fire on mountain, houses burning to the ground;