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LOS ANGELES, NEWSFEED, LAKER RIOTS 2000, PEDESTRIANS RUNNING AROUND THE STREETS OF LA, DAMAGED BLDGS & VEHICLES, POLICE CONTROL THE STREETS; NX EXT traffic & peds fill the city streets, primarily hispanics walk around & are chased off by police; NX EXT policemen in riot gear stand in the streets along w/ traffic, police on horseback Z-OUT to parking lot; NX EXT two hispanic girls throwing gang signs, another group giving gang signs, guy fans in car giving gang signs; NX EXT fire hydrant shooting water into air as cars drive by, firemen put out fire in distance; NX EXT burnt mail drop box on its side, VAR police cars patrol the streets, POV van driving w/ street w/ garbage in city; NX EXT hispanic boys trash vehicle as cops come & chase them away, burning car, police in the street, damaged bus; NX EXT police in the street as line of cop cars drive by, damaged news van being towed, burnt SUV & police car; NX EXT police on trucks moving on street, police walking the streets in force, damaged clothing store from riots; NX EXT VAR damaged mercedes on car lot, showroom bldg w/ windows smashed, fallen police bike & escorting injured to ambulance; NX EXT through window of ambulance @ paramedics, ambulance drives away, police investigate damaged minivan on street; NX EXT ambulance pulls up, police look @ car w/ flashlights, police set up flares; NX EXT black girls in black car crashed into light pole & police & paramedics are around helping them out of car; NX EXT girls being put onto stretchers & put into ambulance, Santa Monica Boulevard street sign, Crescent Heights Boulevard sign
2000s NEWS