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NEWSFEED: 9/26/04 HURRICANE STRIKES FLOODING & STORM DAMAGE, PALESTINE, IRAQ & THE BACK STREET BOYS ;HURRICANE JEANNE OCOEE FL WIND & RAIN NX U.S. flag flapping in the wind, short palms ;HURRICANE JEANNE TYBEE ISLAND GA SURF dismal beach. HURRICANE JEANNE VERO BEACH HEAVY WINDS RAIN NX storm, fallen palm tree etc ;MIDDLE EAST GAZA REFUGEE CAMP MISSILE black smoke pouring out of bldg, onlookers, fire engine arrives ;IRAQ SADR CITY VIOLENCE kids looking at camera, bullet holes in wall, car with broken windows, kids peek thru hole in wall ; Old man carrying dead kid in winding sheets, man crying, wounded in hospital ;IRAQ BAGHDAD MARKET MORTAR ATTACK hazy skyline, crowd of civilians & ambulance, covered body, people milling around ;FLOODED neighborhood, bad cameraship flooded trailer park. Broward County Florida mayor address, introduces sheriff; Aerial overturned planes on tarmac, airport damaged by storm, roof missing patches of shingle, damaged historical warplanes ;Waves lapping boardwalk, police line across flooded street. HURRICANE JEANNE EMERGENCY BRIEFING with signing for the hearing impaired ;HURRICANE JEANNE BREVARD COUNTY ORLANDO DAMAGE tarps trying to escape, couple watching sea, power line, spinning stop sign; People braving storm in order to goof around, traffic signals dangling; HURRICANE JEANNE SATELLITE BEACH AFTERMATH battered traffic signal swinging, sorry Taco Bell, chunk missing from hi-rise hotel ;Flooded parking lot, 'Welcome To the Hurricane State!', dangling traffic signal ;HURRICANE JEANNE SEBASTIAN FL NIGHT PIX NX storm hits palm trees & houses, & the usual damn stop sign bobbing around ;HURRICANE JEANNE VERO BEACH DAMAGE POV driving flooded road, busted sign, fallen tree blocking road, damaged house & stores ;HURRICANE JEANNE AERIALS OF DAMAGE Aerial flooded park, beach. HURRICANE JEANNE SEBASTIAN AREA AFTERMATH damaged apt bldg ;Finally! A traffic signal lying on the street The shooter really hates traffic signals and is cheered immensely ; Collapsed bldgs, fallen tree, totally gutted house, pretty bad, garages collapsed around cars; HURRICANE JEANNE MORE SEBASTIAN FL AFTERMATH damaged apt bldg, pelican in parking lot, stranded catfish, poor guy ;Drive-by damaged bldgs, rubbish along beach, fallen tree ;IRAQ BRITISH MUSLIMS ON HOSTAGE worried man speaking at pres conf ;TERRORISM UK ARRESTS DIRTY BOMB SUSPECTS fwy, lone hi-rise, hands leafing thru tabloid, NX police station ;PLANE INCIDENT FILE GREEK AIRLINER BOMB SCARE Welcome to London Stansted, airport, airport lobby, planes taxiing, air to air; MIDDLE EAST WEST BANK CLASHES procession of boys clapping hands, girls wearing scarves in olive grove ;Old man wigs out & chases after Israeli soldiers, they just look at him, girls chanting, soldier points rifle at Palestinian; Protesters standing on bulldozer, smoke bombs chucked here & there ;MIDDLE EAST HAMAS LEADER KILLED AFTERMATH bombed out car being hauled away, shattered windows, car with broken windows ;AFGHANISTAN KARZAI TRAVELS TO NORTH AFGHANISTAN Karzai clapping, armed guards standing about, Karzai gets into jeep & leaves ;ENTERTAINMENT BACKSTREET BOYS IN CHINA Great Wall of China, Backstreet Boys posing, pres conf, concert scenes ;FEATURE GIANT PUMPKINS men hauling an enormous pumpkin of the Atlantic Giant variety, weighing pumpkins (state fair); HURRICANE JEANNE FL HEAVY WINDS SWEEPING RAIN debris blowing in wind, battered roof, fallen tree, damaged shopping center ;SOUTHWEST REGION PIPELINE EXPLOSION TX NEIGHBORHOOD EVACUATED NX Aerial roaring fire near forest ;