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TALENT CLEARED, YOUNG WOMEN EXERCISING IN UPSCALE HOMES, LOOKING IN MIRROR ; INT MS woman exercising using one of those wheel gadgets (like she's playing 'wheelbarrow'), comic relief- woman collapses ;INT African American woman lifting dumbbells, barbells, stops & looks tired, sits down on bench exhausted; INT woman following exercise video on tv, tai bo or something, using elastic band, details- thighs, face & hands, waist & boobs ;INT Tilt-U woman admiring herself in mirror. Artsy LS thru corridor, woman exercising with elastic band, closer shots; INT different woman exercising in equally upscale home (these exercises haven't been approved for poor people) ;INT Yes there is a fire in the fireplace in the BG! Waist, legs, butt, thighs of woman exercising ;INT woman wearing bikini admiring herself in mirror (an icky bikini that only people with that kind of figure get away with) ;Funny in-camera editing- goes from tall blonde woman in bikini to shorter blonde woman in panties and tank top looking in mirror ;INT Brunette woman wearing bikini looking at herself in mirror. Blonde woman again, wearing spandex exercise outfit ;Now it's the shorter blonde woman modeling a similar sort of outfit...Brunette woman doing same; Woman wearing evening dress looking in mirror. Woman modeling black halter top & satin pants. Woman modeling mini-dress; Woman wearing panties & tank top, pan legs and torso to smiling happy face...last of the mirror shots; Black woman stands on scale, then does a happy dance. CU feet stepping on & off scale, MS woman smiling in relief; MS white woman standing on scale, making an unfathomable face, maybe disappointment, maybe surprise; CU feet stepping on & off scale. Woman doing silly exercise in front of big tv set, exercise routine ;