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BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS, land speed, rocket car in desert, WS TRACK sleek race car zooming across salt flats, parachute opens; WS sunset at flats w/ silhouetted mountains, WS flats, car zooms past, z-out silhouetted mountains at sunset; WS salt processing plant w/ lake in FG, Z-I processing plant, MS group of ducks in lake, WS flats; TRACK sleek race car zooming across flats; MS race car under shelter, people looking at it, truck pushing yellow race car, which then zooms off; POV from car zooming across salt flats, another car passes it, WS cars zooming across flats; WS ridges in salt flats, Z-I CU dirt area, salt crystals, foot and hand removes, digs area of salt layer; WS/MS truck pushing race car to give it a head start, race car zooms across flats, CU spinning car wheel cu wheel spinning, var., m/s race car; WS salt processing plant w/ white smoke blowing out pipe, WS race car on salt flats zooms past camera; MS race car driver in car, operating stick shift, he removes helmet, climbs out of car; OTS small plane pilot as plane takes off, POV out of right window to runway, plane takes off; POV, aerial from small plane flying over forest type town, cloudy day; CU plane steering wheel, controls, pilot coughs and covers mouth w/ hand, aerial northern forest, mountains; VAR glacier, pilot flys low over glacier, mountain (some snow); VAR aerial views water, marsh, forest, another plane. AERIAL small plane flying alongside, banks left; VAR aerial views forested northern mountains, water, pilot flies low over water, aerial of island; CU net being mechanically hauled on fishing boat, some marine animals in it, Z-O two longshoremen; MS/WS fishing boat with net hauling mechanism; low shot longshoreman standing on boat; VAR fishing boat with net, fishermen on boat, catch on boat ;