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NEWSFEED: 1/5-9/06 LOTS INTERNATIONAL NEWS, ARIEL SHARONS HOSPITALIZATION, BIRD FLU PANIC, FOREIGN POLAR BEAR CLUBS ;CHINA YEAR OF THE DOG STAMP Asian people in winter clothes waiting in line, Int post office crowd buying stamps & cards; Cashier using abacus...IRAQ ROADSIDE BOMB helicopter, distant hummer blocking hwy ;BIRD FLU IN TURKEY traffic, Int hospital staph wearing masks, DX men carrying coffin, man hyperventilating ;CHINESE ICE SWIMMERS Polar Bear Club sorts dive into icy lake. PALESTINIANS CALL FOR ARIEL SHARON DEATH quiet protesters ;Protesters give food to passing motorists, woman uvulates. FILE ACTING PM OLMERT photo-op, meeting w/Sharon, voting ;Olmer & Schwarzenegger (?!). BUSH WITH FORMER SECRETARIES at meeting, 'hook 'em horns' ;JAPAN SNOW CAUSES HOME COLLAPSE NX house damaged by weight of snow, DX trains buried in snow, street scenes ;IRAQ JOB DEMO TURNS RIOT men running carrying tree branches, men w/branches dancing, riot police, crowd, men throwing rocks ;Crowd fleeing, men carry injured person, injured in hospital. FILE PAT ROBERTSON speech. IRAQ BUSH SECRETARIES MEETING ;U.S. flat & sunset, soldier looking thru rifle scope, Melvin Laird, Madeleine Albright interview, meeting ;U.S. troop in Afghanistan, nuclear missile on truck, NORTH KOREA Kim Jong Il, Saddam Hussein w/cigar, Bush waving, meeting ;ARIEL SHARON ambulance at hospital, windows, outdoor briefing (a very brief briefing). FILE PARIS HILTON introducing watch line; PALESTINIANS newspaper vendor, Sharon on front page, bread vendor. ISRAELI OPPOSITION PARTY meeting, city traffic, street scenes ;IRAQ ARMY DAY CEREMONY rainy day military ceremony, laying wreath, soldiers marching, military vehicles on display; JERUSALEM TOURISTS skyline, crowds of tourists, street scenes. HOSPITAL guard at entrance, Sharon's advisor arriving ;RUSSIA ANNUAL SWIM ice cut away from frozen river, decorating tree, Polar Bear Club types swim in icy river ;People in swim suits link arms & dance in a circle on frozen river, swimmers enjoying themselves ;TURKEY BIRD FLU snowy farm, calves, turkeys, dead dog, crowd & men wearing space suits on sidewalk, man drops bundle in truck; Men wearing space suits putting live turkeys in sack (head first!), researcher chasing chicken... ;JAPAN US NAVY HANDS OVER SAILOR NX MPs leading man covered by sheet, surveillance video, DX blood stain on floor ;Section of street blocked off, Japanese police activity, crime scene. IRAQ TRUCKS SET ON FIRE burning truck on side of hwy ;Restaurant on corner damaged by explosion. IRAQ US FORCES RAID MOSQUE mosque, triumphal arch, shell on ground ;Man holds biohazard package & shell for camera, damage. AERIAL SHARON ISRAELI DOCS OPINIONS dr watching MRI; IRAN NUCLEAR press conf. U.K. PRINCE WILLIAM STARTS MILITARY ACADEMY arriving, escorted in along with Prince Charles ;FILE CHENEY shaking hands w/Katrina victims. PA ALITO PROTEST lively Southern Baptist church service, NX protesters; FILE SAMUEL ALITO w/Bush, w/senators. JERUSALEM morning mist over city, man reading newspaper, Sharon on front page, Synagogue ;Int man unwraps shawl, man praying. FM SHALOM speaker at dinner. FILE CHENEY being given leather jacket at Harley-Davidson plant ;